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AKA: Dalida Kibir

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STYLE: Electronic music, Techno

With over 10 years on many stages, Dalida Kibir has become a referent as a DJ and producer in the always changing electronic music scene due to her constant musical inspiration and taste and also her lively character that has given so much to talk and will keep on doing it, as well as from her job as a Dj, as for her works in solitary and for incursions in the discography market under other “alias” and other formations as Dali & Dinamite and Godkillers as Yoko Godkiller

For her extensive musical baggage, Dalida Kibir is able to transmit the essence of electronic dance music in all its aspects, showing her chameleon character and printing the “savoir faire” that very few can capture in their sessions and are plausible in the public when she gets to the turn tables.

With releases at Catalytic Records with the EP “Funky” (Dali & Dinamite) and the remix “Move Sound” for Freesharts (Dali & Dinamite), “Jingi” EP released for Labrynth Label and her solo EP “Kader” will be out at the end of May 015 on Etichetta Nera, as well as the remix “Pinecone” for Sejon EP for Etichetta Nera

Her past and present as resident in mythical clubs of the Spanish geography as “Siroco”, “Moog”, “Nitsa” “Stardust Club”, “GOA” “Metro Dance Club” or the famous festival “Klubbers day” "Cau d´Orella (to name a few)