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Marburg, Germany


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(Sanskrit: दक्षिणामूर्ति ) is Till K. a time and space traveling earthling from Marburg, Germany where he studies cultural anthropology and ethnology. His story began when he started getting uninspired with the musical situation and decided to share his passion for the music which he first listened to in India in the 90s.

So far Till has represented labels like the legendary Shiva Space Technology 2005, Nexus Media 2007 and he is a DJ for Peak records.

Since 2011 he is running the South Africa based label Timecode and its sub-label Sangoma with Gata Freak and a team of friends.

Daksinamurti is an independent DJ who likes to play longer sets and create a shamanic story which leads you through the worlds and gives you a colorful taste of variety. Daksi’s recipe for the dance floor is a journey through powerful night / twilight psychedelic trance with strong groove, powerful melodies, psychedelic sometimes organic- tribal atmospheric soundscapes, and full of surprises which lead from night to light. Daksinamurti also has a passion for soulful but Psychedelic Morning Music with a blend of old school.

Some of the festivals Daksinamurti has performed at include:

Universo Paralello (09/10), Alien Safari (South Africa 08/09/10), VuuV (08), Antaris (06,11), Fusion (Germany 07,11), Fullmoon Festival (06/08/10), Freedom Festival (Portugal 05/07), Psycrowdelica (07), Gemini (California 09), Transylvania Calling (09), Desiderata (NY 2010), Trimurti (Russia 2011), Mountain Madness Nepal (2011) ….

and various other parties in countries such as:

India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, Nepal, Dubai, USA, Canada, Russia, Portugal, Thailand, Finland, Norway, Greece, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Czech, UK


2006 V/A “Spiritually Spaced ouT” (Shiva Space Technology)

2007 V/A “Deep Fried” (Rudraksh)

2008 BENEFIT double CD V/A “Ahimsa” (Dacru)

2010 V/A “Tokoloshe Tales”(TIMECODE) compiled with DJ GataFreak

2011 V/A Shanti Jatra Vol.2

for bookings contact:

[email protected]