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Dj Daemon (Martijn Wilke, Holland, Born; 2-12-1991) found his intrest in music through.. Well, MUSIC! – Seeing new dj’s grow big, at the age of 14 he decided he could “try” -

Teaming up with another brand new player in the game; Dj Overactive-J; they founded a team, This team plays at all kinds of events nowdays, But since overactive-J left for joining the army Daemon does his sets prettymuch..alone

But do not fear! – Daemon and Overactive-J are still toGetter, And pounding the hardstyle kick’s and bass harder than you ever heard before!


Born and raised in Almere (flevoland) – Daemon and overactive noticed there where where way to much fake DJ’s (Bad people who use VDJ, Cant mix and make a easy D&B beat that they call hardstyle) in almere and we vigured to give it a shot