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Ontario, United States

Electronica, Open Format

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DJ Daem0n got his start as assistant to a local mobile DJ in the mid 90’s. This eventually led to various gigs spinning 80’s and top 40 at parties and weddings. It wasn’t until 1998, during his days at the ELEKTRIK KAFE Record Store in Pomona, California, that he got the chance to DJ Industrial music every week.

After working there for a while (managing the store and running the merch tables set up at clubs like Das Bunker, Repent, Kontrol Faktory, Absynthe, Paradox and others) he more than quadrupled his industrial cd collection and opened his first club at the store’s all ages basement venue (The FALLOUT SHELTER) called NEURO-TEK with his partners DJ Aron and DJ Bractune (of Das Bunker, Perversion, Bang, and Beat It).

Eventually this led to him doing guest DJ spots at clubs like Conspiracy, Corrosion, The Royal Blood Lounge, Domination and periodically for other FALLOUT SHELTER events. When the store closed he took NEURO-TEK to the Vault Club and ultimately the Tiki Room in Pomona with DJ Shadowdancer taking Aron’s place. After nearly a two year run with events like “The Battle Of The DJs” featuring DJ Kris Klink (of Kontrol Faktory and Das Bunker), DJ Raoul Rotation (NOISEX), and DJ Reel Eyes (JUGEND STAAT) and a performance by IMPERATIVE REACTION, they shut their doors after realizing that having a successful bi-weekly club of that type in an area like Pomona was just not possible.

Dj Daem0n went back to exclusively DJing parties on occasion until running into DJ Jedi who ran CLUB LATHE back in the EK days. After doing a few guest spots for Dj Jedi and DJ Johnny Quest at CLUB METRO on Fridays, he eventually got back into doing clubs with them like CLUB LATHE (@ picassos and twins), NORAD (@ twins), and EMPIRE (@ gotham and antonios).

After DJing EMPIRE for several years, Daem0n decided to leave his residency behind to concentrate full time on his musical endeavors doing everything from songwriting and composition to remixes and DJ club edits. During that time he occasionally did guest DJ spots and underground parties in Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange County to stay active.

In 2007 he held residences at INFIRMARY (Garden Grove), FEEDBACK (Stanton/Garden Grove), and guest spun @ clubs like DAS BUNKER (Los Angeles), THE CHAMBER (Anaheim), VECTOR (Las Vegas), FOUNDATION (Riverside), and CLUB HELLMOUTH (Downey). But not before returning to a full time residency in May of 2006 DJing at CLUB SKANDAL in Riverside California. A gig he held until choosing to walk away in late December of 2009.

2010 brought a lot of change, as his focus has seems to have turned back to music production. But the list of guest DJ gigs continues to build at regular events in Los Angeles such as MALEDICTION SOCIETY and the infamous monthly industrial rollerskating event WUMPSKATE. Not to mention special one off events like VENDETTA (New Years Eve Event), the flashback 80’s event ARCADIA, and Las Vegas’ own SKIZOFRENIA. But most notably, the biggest news of the year came in May when Daem0n officially accepted a residency position at DISKO.NEKRO, every third Saturday of the month in Los Angeles.

Since April of 2009, he can also be heard weekly on the podcast “NEURO-TEK Radio”. This industrial music show also features DJ Bractune and DJ Analogue (aka DJ Shadowdancer), his partners from the club NEURO-TEK. As well as being one the shows revolving DJs, Daem0n serves every week as the show’s host. More info on “NEURO-TEK Radio” can be found on it’s official website (please check the links section of this profile for the URL) or on iTunes.