Dado Beatport


DJ DADO, one of the few DJs who brings along black music without BLING BILING, CAP or KERCHIEF, but great quality and style!!! With no doubt, when he hits the turntables everybody knows that he’s gonna rock the party!!! However, he wasn`t born with these skills of doing the beat: Already as a kid he was fascinated by music, certainly only the cool black stuff. Everything began a few years ago in his place of birth called Aachen, close to the party and media metropolis Cologne in Germany, where he started to practice scratchin and jamin on a turntable, freakin out his folks, till he finally got a second one and got into the rhythm. This was, more or less, the take off of the shooting star into the career as DJ. He spent almost every spare minute flippin the records at home, until he, surprisingly, made the second place at a DJ Contest powered by Fantasy DanceFM and discotheque Himmerich. His first gigs followed right after. Succeeding his first HipHop Jam in Aachen, he was requested right away at first class parties like Resident Job in Dsseldorf’s finest Club Mk-2, where he was discovered and where he found the connections to the stars of the league. Hires in the hottest clubs through Germany followed, like 18 Karat (Bochum), D-Sign (Dsseldorf), Checkers (Dsseldorf), Le Prestige (Essen), NWC (Kleve), JOY (Frankfurt), 3001 (Duesseldorf), Klejbors (Aachen), Rainbow (Nrnberg) and many many more. In Croatia he mixed up in clubs like Hacienda (Vodice) or Aurora (Primosten), the two most famous clubs in Croatia…In the meanwhile Dado won other DJ Contests and Battles, one of it was “JamFM’s Battle of DJs”, the biggest and most famous radio station for Black Music in Germany (Berlin)In 2005 DJ Dado toured with MTV – Black-Lounge through south Germany where he mixed up many clubs. The born Croatian`s trail can still be found all over the place, what afforded him the honour to rock in Belgium, Austria and Croatia!! What u give is what u get, and DJ DADO’s gonna rock u head?