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Dack Janiels

Los Angeles, United States

Dubstep, Trap

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Los Angeles Bass Engineer/Dubstep Extraordinaire

Tanner Chung AKA Dack Janiels comes from a background of skateboarding and Southside Hip-hop. After a serious injury, Dack shifted his focus to writing bass music. Blending the bounce of gangster rap with the gritty sounds of dubstep, Dack has crafted his own recipe for the genre, properly labeled “Dackstep”.

With releases on IAMAudio, Bassacre Records, and an upcoming EP on Brotown Records, Dack is setting out to melt the faces of anyone he encounters.

“Listening to these disemboweling drops is essentially the equivalent of signing your soul over to the Grim Reaper” -The EDM Network