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Danylo Radakovic – DJ DACHA aka Danylo 04.07.1973.CHILDHOOD > COMPUTERS Since his young age Dacha has been showing his interest in latest technological achievements. Soon, he gets his first computer in a row…Even though computers presented at the time a miracles invention (first Windows 3.1 was out), it was Dacha’s fascination as well. After completion of primary schooling he decides to look for more knowledge in some of the schools that follow the development of computer technology.HIGH SCHOOL > Hi Fi STEREOIn 1988, he starts going to High-school and trains for Mathematics and programming associate. During this time, his interest for music and HiFi equipment starts growing more and more. He buys his first amplifier, recording deck and a turntable. Suddenly, Dacha’s happy teenage years get to be over by his big graduation and one year of military service (a black hole called the army).NEW RESIDENT CITY > NOVI SAD Upon his return from the army in 1993, Dacha makes a decision to change his life. By moving from Smederevo (his home town) to Novi Sad, he secured the position of Head Office Manager in the digital production department at the most prospective audio/video studio; THE MAGIC BOX. Currently, the biggest and the best equipped multimedia studio in the city, Magic Box was and is the only firm that considers being in touch with the development of new technologies as a top priority. He will stay here till 1995. He worked on many projects amongst which the project of artistic association APSOLUTNO undoubtedly stands out. After so much learning, he finds the radio to be his latest sphere of interest. THE VERY FIRST RADIO GIG > RADIO DANUBE In 1994, Dacha is invited to play music that he listens to and passionately collects at the only progressive radio station at the time, Radio Danube. Along with his best associates he starts the first independent chart called TOP 40 CHART. This list was made out of names of all artists whose songs were forbidden for broadcasting in programs of all currently existing radio stations, including Radio Danube itself. Music he played was underestimated despite the fact that these actual music tracks were voted out to be hits of the week, or even a year by thrilled listeners. In no time, there were problems with the Head Office. To him, this was just another boost because he knew very well what he was doing. Dacha and his creative crew make a gathered decision to find new media space where fresh ideas and progressive music are top priority, and the implementation of high standards of radio production their most important mission. SECOND RADIO > RADIO SPIN The new radio station where Dacha and his crew moved onto was Radio Spin. It was 1996, and the editors of the first private radio station have decided after all disastrous variations of rock, post-rock, neo-rock, pop-rock and other rocks to call people who created the most listened to program from Radio Danube. Shortly after, progressive and fresh musical genres start spreading with more and more listeners recognizing the crew which have changed the broadcasting frequency. At the time, Dacha as a Head Music Editor starts to look for, to recognize and assemble the team of high-quality-sound lovers. THE VERY FIRST CLUB > CONTRAST At the same time, Dacha gets his residency in the first underground club CONTRAST after having just one rehearsing gig. This was the only club that was playing club music from all over the world. Sometimes he played for four days a week, sets long for six to eight hours to the crowed that has labeled this period as “golden age of Contrast”. On the other hand, SPIN radio closes down due to some dispute amongst co-owners? After this closure nothing was the same because it turned to be well known who are the people who will create quality city club life. THIRD RADIO > RADIO IN In 1997, after having marathon talks Dacha decides to accept again an offered position of a Head Music Editor at freshly opened, but already fallen Radio IN (106.3 MHz) where he stays until the year of 2000. Naturally, he finds the same problems: uninformed, uneducated people and loads of prejudices. He immediately starts to gather the only group of people that are capable of creating a very unique radio IN’s identity and capable of showing the Novi Sad audience what an urban radio really is. It was the first radio then and in 2003 still is the only radio whose team of music editors successfully managed to completely ban broadcasting of any turbo-trash-folk music. Along with his team, Dacha kept presenting and defending the music that was already around; everybody started listening to it, recognizing it and accepting it. This is the first radio station in the city that is broadcasting the latest of current world music production. As a Head Technical Manager there were days when Dacha worked from 16-20 hours a shift. There was a lack of staff due to the fact that Radio IN was not very popular at the time. Having great motivation to continue with the program during NATO air raids part of the crew have managed to do exactly so. Radio IN has organized with the help of generators a serial of successful parties, which despite catastrophic situation in the country and every day bombardment achieved its main goal – the celebration of life. SECOND CLUB > DISCOTHEQUE PARADISO Great success that Radio IN enjoyed right after the war has partly contributed to better status of some DJs then present on the club scene. Dacha gets his residency at still the best equipped club in the country, called Paradiso. DJ Zlatan and DJ Dacha played throughout the season, every Friday night the most progressive sounds. After this residency and endless number of crowded discotheques Dacha needed another kind of recognition to convince himself that he’s on the right track. THE FIRST DJ COMPETITION > FIRST PRIZE At the first (ever) YU DJ competition Dacha wins the first prize – a Gemini mixer. The competition was held in the Underground club, in Belgrade and lasted for two days. This event has undoubtedly started a new chapter on DJs in our country, and for Dacha it created an opportunity to make an appearance on Belgrade scene. The fact that these kind of happenings started a new tradition in Belgrade and Novi Sad (where Dacha is one of the jury members) proves that DJing is unstoppably beginning to emerge on the scene as a serious career. INTERNET > WEB > MULTIMEDIA In the atmosphere created after NATO air raids Dacha turns his focus onto computers and discovers endless possibilities in multimedia design. He starts working with software programs for web presentations. Huge experience that he has with digital audio production gives him a certain advantage that he uses enormously whilst creating multimedia CD ROMs and internet presentations. In 1999, he is Web Mastering a website about Novi Sad club life that very few people knew it even existed all in hopes of presenting the very first Novi Sad web site dedicated to urban life style.THE FIRST CLUBBING WEBSITE > NS CLUBBINGNS CLUBBING is the first info data base about city’s night life. You could find some basic info on domestic DJs, parties and time schedule for favorite radio shows. This was quite revolutionary in the country where only 3% of population uses computers and knows what Internet is. All the costs were taken care of by exclusively and only Dacha himself. As the year of 2000 was approaching Dacha’s main goal became a creation of the website that focuses on life style…SECOND CLUBBING WEBSITE > LIFE STYLELIFE STYLE had a better design and the contents were educational and informative. Next to info about radio shows and DJs you could find out what’s new in film and check out some links for other interesting net destinations. The site is done in FLASH whose attractive layout and better defined topics started to attract more and more visitors from abroad. Unprofessional and not skillfully educated people who were running IN radio wanted to use the website for their own interests and give nothing in return. It was a business deal that Dacha was more than happy to refuse. It was time for him to move on…THE START OF MULTIMEDIA PROJECTS > NGO MEGACORP Dacha and his closest friends (his love Millennium, Sandra & Sky K) decide to establish an independent operating non-governmental organization whose main purpose is to nurture and develop artistic expression with an attempt of introducing digital media as an art form. NGO MEGACORP was born and shortly after their first project GO! It was realized in close cooperation with Goethe Institute and was implemented into the closing night of the first EXIT festival in 2000. After the event Dacha has created a multimedia cd rom containing a clear message that this is the shape of things to come. NGO MEGACORP by the end of the year 2000 starts working on its next project. IFOMA (International Festival Of Modern Arts) establishes its first opening by gathering great number of artists (musicians, painters, performers, DJs…) for one night in well controlled environment demonstrating its power through multimedia. The idea is to create a cultural platform where artists from different cultural backgrounds can meet and exchange their diverse artistic expressions offering a deeper kind of insight into where are we heading to…DACHA > HIS FIRST OWN WEBSITE Realizing once more that only himself can present his own work and ideas of quality music scene in the way he would be pleased of, Dacha creates his website directing his energy into promoting him as a DJ who loves taking full advantage of FLASH technology, the only that could embrace new web standards (sound>picture>animation), thus enabling the creation of the website that is becoming more and more visited by people from all over the world; not just because it’s in English but also because of its flashy visualization. RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY > NEW YORK 2001In 2001, just by listening to the radio, Dacha learns about the existence of RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY. It gives him new energy and a burning desire to be recognized by world music circles. It was a chance he wouldn’t want to miss. He filled in the application form and sent it along with his CD MIX to USA. On his birthday, the 4th of July, he received an e-mail saying: “congratulations! pack your records; you’re going to NY!” He was chosen amongst 1600 applicants worldwide. It was time to celebrate! Each year, RBMA holds two weeks long seminars on different locations having for its instructors the very famous and successful DJs and music producers. It all started in 1998 in Berlin, and in 2001 it was set to take place in NYC; the city that has been defining the music of Dacha’s deepest affection. During the course, all 60 students have a chance to learn, practice, make music, mix CDs and listen to currently most talented people of the industry.Anyone who is into making modern music will find this experience to be a precious one. Every student gets to know the way of work of musicians coming from different parts of the world, different cultures and music scenes. The far best about the Academy is spontaneous and relaxed communication among students and instructors. Highly recommended!!! DACHA > DJ UNITY At the same time, some older DJs present for some time on the scene and feeling like change is desperately needed, came to Dacha with an idea to make an organization that will officially protect the interests of DJs and music producers. He liked it and when asked he accepted to be a President only because a great number of domestic DJs wanted to be together, in an association called DJ UNITY. It was (of course) the first official and registered association of DJs and music producers on these grounds. Its main objectives defined by its statute and law are promotion and affirmation of young, talented and unknown DJs and producers in the country and abroad. Dacha worked passionately on the website that offers an info base on more than 50 DJs in an attempt to give them a world class presentation. To announce its existence, during that summer DJ UNITY organizes an event called INTRO GATHERING. It lasted for two days managing to gather over 50 DJs who played on three different stages at an old and magnificent Petrovaradin fortress. At the same sight, on 4th of August, 1500 people danced the night away under the stars of one fantastic summer night officially labeled as DOUBLE ENTRY. One of the visitors was Mr. David Browne from London, UK. Intrigued by this organization and its goals he offers to invest in something he felt is destined for success. Thanks to this great man and fortune that sent him DJ UNITY gets to run one club season in CONTRAST. It is the first club whose organizers are DJs and people from the industry instead of uneducated, rich and greedy owners. This was a unique chance to raise the level of happenings on a higher ground and present our DJ names together with foreign and successful once. Thank you Mr. David for your unselfish and noble act towards the creation of a better world!!! Unfortunately, years of destructive and lawless way of life in Serbia have shown that people are undoubtedly damaged and that greed is not seen in uneducated and rich only. Some DJs thought that all that club needed to do is make money by immediately dropping the quality contents and not letting young DJs to play. To create popular teenage and local mafia hang out place in order to make money was a compromise that DJ Dacha was not willing to make.After many promotions, guest DJs and many links about other club events in the country and ex-YU republics, the official and highly visited DJ UNITY website stops its updating on regular basis. Only one season active DJ UNITY goes into history as one possible outcome if people unite and work together and another outcome if they get lost within the frames of their own self driven ambition. DACHA > NEW NOW MEDIAAll video and audio commercials, as well as print layouts for DJ UNITY’s weekly event announcements for CONTRAST were done in dynamic fashion by multimedia lab from Novi Sad – NEW NOW MEDIA. This is where Dacha finds his creative environment in collaboration with this energetic group of people. Next to commercial presentations, NEW NOW has completed and placed on the Internet more than 20 websites, several multimedia CD ROMs and produced many up beat music videos by the end of 2002. Being a part of these projects continues to be exciting and inspiring up to this date. In the autumn of 2002, DJ Dacha and his longtime partner DJ Buttke start digging deeper and finding DEEP LINK. All about this newest project awaits at your chosen web destination…DACHA > DEEP LINK Last couple of years in Novi Sad Dacha & Buttke successfully expanded DeepLink network, and played in many happenings such as EXIT & ?LF festivals. However, most important Dacha?s last DJ residency was Deep House Fridays Sessions @ Lounge Cafe, Novi Sad. You can find mp3 live sets at web site. NEW RESIDENT CITY > NEW YORK After he won Green Card on USA lottery program, Dacha and his wife Millennium decided to move together to new city, New York, the city that never sleep.