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Las Vegas, United States

Electronica, House

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JOO Kang started off playing bass guitar in the early 90’s. Shortly thereafter taught himself how to play guitar & played in a couple of local bands in Orange County. In the early 2000’s began to appreciate electronic music and learned how to DJ in Ohio. He stepped away from DJ’ing to pick up the guitar and bass again and play in a band for a little while , but felt Electronic Music was more of his calling. Joo Kang returned to electronic music in the form of a producer around 2008 using FL studio and produced mainly techno and old school house. Now based in Las Vegas, NV he uses Ableton and produces Electro House, Tech House, Trance, as well as some remixes as a solo producer and dj.

Rob Philth is an educated and experienced dj and producer. He has been on the decks for some years now. Producing music since 2002 with hardware , and as of 2009 got into the digital mac and pc world of Music programs ( DAW ) Rob Philth started out mixing hip hop at an early age , then was introduced to other forms of electronic music. It was Jungle , D&B , Ragga , Dancehall and Breaks that he had found a passion for , as well as others. To date he is now mixing Breaks , Jungle / D&B , Dubstep , Ragga and Dancehall , and trap with some hip hop cutz – In General good Bass music.

He is currently producing D&B , Breaks , and Trap under this name as well as Future Bass / Future porn as he likes to call it.

Rob Philth has had releases out that have been on the top 100 on Beatport for as long as 2 months , and as little as 2 weeks.

Together as a Production / dj duo these 2 guys make up DABZZ.

Currently they are playing small shows in Las Vegas , NV with a following from both individually as dj’s and producers. They are working together in the studio on many projects , and have releases available as a free download , and a couple being shopped out to respected known record labels. We expect to see some big things coming from these two in the near future.