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Daan Groeneveld

Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Daan Groeneveld is an underground house DJ from Amsterdam. The infamous Club 11 (R.I.P) rekindled his love for house and techno; music styles his brothers already introduced him to as a kid. Daan had always been inspired by the raw and obscure sounds of electronic music. Those filthy hi-hats, hard kicks and nasty snares, preferably out of the TR-909 drum machine always manage to bedazzle him. Getting introduced to the music of Record label My Love is Underground, the DJ finally found his own true sound. Daan already rubbed shoulders in a booth with Jeremy Underground Paris and played at gigs like Secretsundaze. Next to that he’s a resident of Tommorrow is Now Kid! and underground club Studio 80, where he’s always fixed on getting the crowd to dance like crazy to music they don’t know!