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Da Tweekaz, also known as Kenth Kvien and Marcus Nordli, had been making music together for a couple of years before they got into hardstyle. They tried making different styles of harder dance music such as: hardtrance, hardhouse and hardtechno , but it wasn’t until fall 2007 that these 2 guys started their career as hardstyle producers.

Da Tweekaz got their passion fueled when their songs started to end up on different forums, MP3 sites etc. Normally this would be a bad thing for a producer, but for two upcoming producers this is what they needed; people talking about them. As a result of this they started to spend more time on tracks and one day they got contacted by DJ’s United Records. From now on they were not bedroom producers anymore, but professional producers doing what they do best, making music.

After massive releases such as Angeli Domini, Da Bomba Whatevah, Get Mad and with the help of some unofficial remixes, they had found a sound of their own. Their passion for the 8bit sound is also recognized in several of their tracks.

In 2009 they started to be well recognized DJs as well. Their first official gig was for the newly started hard dance party organizer “Hardstyle DNA”. While enjoying their residency and spending more and more time in the studio; their fan base was rapidly expanding. As a result of this, organizers from other countries started to notice the duo Da Tweekaz, and this led to gigs in UK and the Netherlands. Their DJ sets are a treat too. Da Tweekaz are not only combining their DJ skills but also their personalities, so be sure to enjoy a full DJ set complemented with humor while dancing to their beats.

In 2010 Da Tweekaz rapidly expanded across the borders. Their big dream of international fame became true when Dirty Workz approached them to join their family of producers. Their first releases under the Dirty Workz label; DNA, Be Aware, Whatevah 2010 and Hook My Mic Up where a big hit on the charts, and so was their official remix of Brennan Hearts Revival X; which they won in a remix contest made by Brennan Heart himself. Now they are in-demand producers with the agenda booked for Bassleader, Q-Base, Qontinent and gigs in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK and the Netherlands.

One thing is certain, by the end of 2011 Da Tweekaz will have accomplished more than they could ever dream of, and this is not the last you will hear from these two funny upcoming Norwegians.