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Da Cruz

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Whether you call it Tropical New Wave or Sub-Urban Brazilian Music – it’s definitely some brand new rhythm Da Cruz from Bern, Switzerland, are coming up with on their third release „Sistema Subversiva“.

The Group surrounding brazilian Singer Mariana Da Cruz just signed a record deal with San Francisco-based Label Six Degrees Records, renowned not only for introducing the likes of Bebel Gilberto and CéU to the US-Audience, but also for being homebase to The Dø, Michael Franti and The Orb.

Considering their confidence in pushing musical boundaries forward you’d probably locate Da Cruz anywhere close to M.I.A. and Ebony Bones. On „Sistema Subversiva“ this four-piece band miraculously succeeds in creating some higly contemporary yet firmly classical, deeply urban but still open-minded fusion of styles. Never pretentious but always challenging to your everyday routine of listening habits, „Sistema Subversiva“ somehow manages to touch your heart and move your hips at the same time.

No surprise therefore to hear that Da Cruz have recently played the greatest venues between London and Sao Paulo, Paris and Berlin.

So for everyone already familiar with Da Cruz: listen up! „Sistema Subversiva“ is both the most rugged and the most energetic record to be released by this group. More consistently than ever Da Cruz are blending Elements of Afrobeat, Dancehall, Kuduro, Jazz, New Wave, Breakbeat, Samba and Indie-Rock with state of the art electronic music. „Comfy Bossa-Nova must wait“, Mariana Da Cruz says.

In „Tudo Bem Aqui“ mellow horns meet heavy Dancehall-Beats and crunchy guitars. „Curumin“ appears as afro-brazilian funk-explosion, backed by massive electronic sub-basses. „Papo De“ is that much a charming piece of electro-reggae it really seems likely to become Da Cruz first smash hit. Last but not least „Warm Leatherette“, this 1978 hit by Daniel Miller (Mute Records) and his band Normal, is transformed into a thrilling fusion of Hi-Tech-Punk-Samba.

Most songs revolve around Brazil, a country constantly stuck between energy and lethargy, as Mariana Da Cruz says. „As long as I can remember big promises have been made about brazils rise to economical stability and power. But nothing ever happened.“ Mariana Da Cruz who moved to Switzerland seven years ago, still cares a lot about her people. „I belong to a disenchanted generation. We’re fed up with promises. I want to wake people up from their apathy. However, if it weren’t for corruption and nepotism, I would be delighted by a country refusing to adapt to the world economic masterplan and just goes out and has a ball.“

Da Cruz’s story is one of two musicians with highly different tempers. Working in Brazil and Portugal in 2005 as a Bossa-Nova-Singer Mariana Da Cruz accidentally ran into Ane H., former singer and musical mastermind of swiss Industrial-Electro-Pioneers „Swamp Terrorists“. After moving to Switzerland Oliver Husmann, a renowned Guitarist and Swamp-Terrorists-Drummer Pit Lee joined the band. So far Da Cruz has released two records gaining wide attention not only in Europe: In 2007 their debut „Nova Estaçâo“ hit the CMJ-Charts in the US, „Corpo Elétrico“ (2008) was recorded in Bern and São Paulo and licensed to 33 countries.

„Sistema Subversiva“ is an exciting piece of music, not only considering the quality but also the quantity: Da Cruz’ songs sum up to 70 minutes, including a remix by their Bernese Buddies and Electro-Freewheelers „Filewile“. „Anybody who goes out and spends money for music nowadays should definitely expect something big in return“, Mariana Da Cruz says.