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Da Capo

Pietersburg, South Africa


DNH Records, Mule Musiq
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Nicodimas Sekheta Mogashoa is a self-taught producer & DJ who first fell in love with house music atan early age enabling him to have a good ear for music and the unmistakable ability to create blazing sounds to keep masses salivating for more and earned him his spot amongst South Africa and the world over as a highly regarded producer at the tender age of 21.

Inspired by the biggest names in the house music industry such as Nick Holder,

Zepherin Saint, Andy Compton, to name a few; Da Capo has set on a journey to create his mark on the House Music scene with the release of his Solo E.Ps released under DNH Records which elevated him to a household name in countries far afield and clubs around the world, leading to him signing a deal with Toronto based Music Label DNH Records owned by well-known DJ/Producer Nick Holder.

Da Capo’s projects have earned him numerous accolades from well-known dj’s/producers such as:

Ralf Gum (GoGo Music) “Great deliveries from the DNH Rockboy, the first E.P was a smooth offering, but the 2nd E.P it’s worth playing at any gig”

Osunlade (Yoruba Soul Records) “DNH Records has created a monster to the house industry, the guy is on fire!!!!!”

Andy Compton (Peng Records) “I just love what this guy is doing, his remix on Where I Want To Be is so out of this world, truly mind blowing I must say, keep doing what you’re doing best.”

Trinidadian Deep (DNH Records) “This guy is currently taking over the house music scene in South Africa. Big ups to him, PEACE!!!!”

Boddhi Satva (Offering Records) “This boy is on fire, his definitely gonna take 2011 by a huge storm, watch out for him.”

Martin Atjazz (Atjazz Record Company) “Da Capo – Unconscious Minds is a FAT Tune,

amazing work I must say, this man is going far.”

Dom Navvara (New York) “I fell in love with the remix Da Capo did for John Crockket’s song – Neighbour Boy, I play it every it weekend, you can’t go wrong with it, so fresh and HOT!!”

Avi Alman A.K.A UPZ (Foliage Records) “Excellent work on Drums Of The North, sounding beautiful, definitely putting it on Cue.”

N’Dinga Gaba (Summer Breeze Hit Maker) ”I’m always blessed in Da Capo’s work, this guy

is actually talented, S.A need to watch out for this boy, blessings.”

Arnaud D Aleo (U.K London) “Great job the guy is doing with DNH Records, 1st & 2nd E.P are truly mind blowing, I’m jealous lol, keep up the good tunes coming.”

Said Chaara (Belgium) “Great work this did on my track Violin Moods, super track’"

He has shared the stage with numerous Dj’s including Rocco Rodomaal, Nick Holder and numerous

others and has been a constant feature on top 10 lists on various digital stores with additions most

notably to Dj Tipz (Handz on Heat) top ten released on a weekly basis on traxsource on a regular


He has worked on projects with the following dj’s/producers: Nick Holder [DNH Records]; Andy

Compton [Peng Records]; John Crokett [New York]; DJ Calastraw [Infinite Records]; Dean Zepharin

[Tribe Records – U.K]; Aero Manyelo [Herbal 3 Recordings]; Infected Soul; Websonic; Punk Mbedzi; Lemmut [Lembe Sounds]; Boddhi Satva [Offering Records – Belgium]; Antonello Coghe [Nulu] Just

to name a few and seeks to release his album titled: Music in Me in the first quarter of 2012.

These are solo projects which Da Capo has worked on and released under DNH Records:

1. Da Capo – Return To The Beginning Pt. 1

- Drums Of The North

- Rhythmic Spirits

- Bodikela

2. Da Capo – Return To The Beginning Pt. 2

- African Roots (Feat. Black Spear)

- Tribute To Artjones

- Badimong (Problem Child’s pproved)

- Kilimanjaro

3. Da Capo – Return To The Beginning Pt. 3

- Life Without You (Tribute To Lebogang Mashitisho)

- Something In Mind

- Love Someone

- In Need

4. Da Capo ft. Lyrik Shoxen – Be Mine

- Original Mix

- Instrumental Mix

He’s also had projects that were featured on albums, namely:

1. Andy Compton feat. Diviniti – Where I Want To Be (Da Capo’s Late Deep Remix) – Kholofelo Remixed by Andy Compton

2. Da Capo – In Need – Deep Inside Vol. 2 mixed by DJ China

3. Marco Fracasso – Xiba Chant (Da Capo’s Jungle Beats) – DeeperShades Album presented by Lars Behrenroth (House Afrika)

4. Timmy Regisford feat. Lynn Lockamy – At The Club (Da Capo’s Afro Mix) – Soul Candi Vol. 10 (CD 3 Mixed by DJ Shimza)