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D Voice

Cham, Switzerland


D Voice Beatport


DJ D-Voice started his DJ career in 2000, first only with audio CDs and computer software, but since 2001, with vinyls too. He was already interested in many various types of electronic club music since 1996. After being in the scene for a while, he begun to like trance for most. But since he started mixing, he tried out a lot of different electronic club music.

Today, one set is dominated by hard trance and progressive, another one than likely more by melodic tunes, it’s that way, what DJ D-Voice defines. He infects the party crowd like a virus in having fun for mixing and experimenting with the music.

In 2002 and 2003, he increased much his mixing skills and bought a new set up at home with two Technics mks and a pioneer djm600.

The most experienced gigs are bookings for the well known club Niaxa in Belach near Zurich (now closed), the legendary and re-opened club Tower in Lustenau (Austria), the X-Club in Backnang (now closed too) near Stuttgart (Germany) and the Vogue club, based in Frankfurt (Germany).

A lot of those bookings in the past, DJ D-Voice played, were with DJ Chilli aka Johannes Ilic from Liechtenstein (FL). A big friendship between them started with a performance they together did at DJ Chilli’s cd release party for the well known internet party portal From now on they decided to support each other as well.

DJ D-Voice also played on some web based radios. He earned a lot of positive feedbacks for.

In 2004 he started to produce and remix after joining Umberto Cea at Q-Lab. With Umberto Cea and DJ Chilli, he made a great remix work for Ron van den Beuken’s project Devois. The project will be released in 2005 on Excellent Records in Germany. Also variety remix and own projects are in work.

In the end of 2004, Ivan Sanchez from Zug has launched a new trance channel on the web weeks before, called Channel Z. Ivan Sanchez and DJ D-Voice started together to moderate a show called SedMod, every second Thursday. In their show they talked about the scene news, outgoing events, interviewed some guests, reported and of course a lot of music… sometimes new promo tracks of DJ D-Voice were also introduced in the show! Mid Year 2005, Ivan Sanchez decided to close Channel Z, in case of technical problems, he said. But it could be that Channel Z will be re-launched again later, who knows that…

Also, a new web channel opened few weeks later by Stefan Brumann from Berne. was born! In collaboration with Stefan Brumann and DJ Chilli, they started Fluicide Production On Air (aka FPON). During the show, himself and DJ Chilli present their dj mixes with selected tunes inside, each week. Also they’re receiving selected guest djs with really hot dj mixes and skills exclusively for Fluicide Production On Air. Be sure to tune in and don’t miss this passionate show! Every Tuesday from 20 to 22 o’clock (Swiss time) on [UK: 19 to 21 o’clock, us east: 14 to 16 o’clock]

His selective high definition of quality electronic club music, mixing skills and his passion for music give this 23 years old sympathy and friendly man right for keeping up and looking forward to the future. Today’s not the end of the story, he promises!

November, 2005