D.VISION (Utopia Records - Portugal) Style - Uplifting hi tech full on Dj D.vision is Fred, 22 years old from Portugal, a human being who has music in his veins and ... read more


Location: Leiria, Portugal Portugal
Genre: Psy-Trance

D.VISION (Utopia Records – Portugal)

Style – Uplifting hi tech full on

Dj D.vision is Fred, 22 years old from Portugal, a human being who has music in his veins and he was been involved with it since he was born…

Nowadays Fred is label dj and public relations for the Israeli label , based in Eilat, UTOPIA RECORDS.

Its his objective and Utopia to be always on the lookout for young and talented new artists so in this way they can bring a new breath of fresh air to the worldwide trance scene, utopia target is to find young artist who will have its place in the international scene, and this is the idea that has made D.vision and Utopia Records to grow and mark their position and style in this scene, the roll of artists features the likes of Vibe Tribe, Ananda Shake, Phanatic, Six Sense, Freaked Frequency, Chemical Drive and Audiotec.

Fred has started very young in this scene and its because of this that he has now a big experience, which he uses to make his dj sets, remembering all those years he spent as dancer going to parties and experiencing what trance culture really is..

Besides being dj , he is also a producer having collaborated in tracks with Freaked Frequency (Utopia Records-Serbia) and Quantic Fusion (Odd Records-Portugal), he will also release his first solo track on the known Israeli label U.S.T.A. Records, hopping to be the first of many more to come… fred has been working to perfect his production skills and the fact of producing gave him a whole better perspective on music production and mixing … with the years passing D.vision quickly got his space in the scene being a well connected and experienced dj who is always working for more…

his main goal, while playing is to get the most genuine feelings from the audience with flawless mixing and special selection of tracks for each moment…

He played on every big organization (Crystal Matrix, Trance Karma, Quest4goa, Plur Productions and more…)in Portugal and at the best Portuguese clubs, and so it was natural that he performed at some of the biggest festivals in Portugal like, UNU Festival 2003, PSYBERTECH Festival 2004, FREEDOM FESTIVAL 2005, just to name a few..

Internationally he played in few countries abroad like Serbia, Spain, United Kingdom and soon more…

D.vision showed his skills and dj set together with the best and most known artists and djs in the world scene of psytrance, he featured in parties and festivals with the likes of:

GMS, Astrix, Hallucinogen, Eat Static, Dino Psaras, Infected Mushroom, Talamasca, Shanti aka Juvenile, Logic Bomb, Deedrah, Oforia, 1200 mics, Psysex, Frequency Surfer, Sesto Sento, Void, Earthling, Wrecked Machines, X Noize, Joti Sidhu aka Psychaos, Bushman, Hypersonic, Eskimo, Sub6, Absolum, Dynamic, Bizzare Contact, Altom, Silicon Sound, Space Cat, Mr Peculiar, Black n White, Quadra, PTX, Onyx, paNick, Ananda Shake, Hujaboy, Alternative Control, Pop Stream, Space Buddha, Trauma, Sirius Isness , Freaked Frequency, Vibe Tribe, Space Tribe, Ticon, Ace Ventura, Xerox and Illumination, Phyx, Shift, Fatali, Suria, Menog, Spectra, Paranormal Attack, Michelle Adamson or djs like Simon Postford (Hallucinogen/Shpongle), Tsuyoshi Suzuki, Poli (spun records), Raja Ram (1200mics/shpongle) Dado (spun records) ,Dimitri Nakov (twisted/spun) , Xp Voodoo, Dede(Spectrum Music), Edoardo (Neurobiotics) among many many others…

Also, besides representing Utopia Records in Portugal, D.vision is also label dj and co worker with the Portuguese labels Odd Records and Spectral Records, two promising labels who are making an effort to bring the Portuguese scene up to higher standards, and promoting and releasing a sample of the best of whats made nowadays locally(in Portugal) and globally..

expect to hear more about this young dj and producer and be sure to catch one of his djsets in a dancefloor near you…