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Brooklyn, United States

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Amidst a land of hypnotic beats, catchy hooks, and majestic melodies exists the music of D.V.S* (aka Derek VanScoten). His 2013 release “Hit the Clouds Running” was the apex of his career to date, marrying forward thinking electronic bass, drums and sound design, with classy guitar tones and vocalists.

In 2009, the guitarist/ producer began releasing solo material and touring nationally. By 2012, D.V.S* had remixed Break Science and Talib Kweli, was featured on the Emancipator “Remixes” album, and had co-produced 2 tracks on Michal Menert’s album “Even If It Isn’t Right.”  In 2013 his remix of The Beatles’ “Because” broke the top 5 on Hype Machine, and finally gained the producer international attention.

As a diverse performer, D.V.S* has spent considerable time on the road with electronic acts Big Gigantic, Beats Antique, Emancipator, Tycho, Cherub, EOTO, Lotus, Tipper, and Pantyraid. As a respected instrumentalist, he has played with a colorful variety of groups including the Boulder Philharmonic, DJ Logic, the Motet, and Devotchka.

Festival performance highlights include Lights All Night, Lightning in a Bottle, Wakarusa, Camp Bisco, Sonic Bloom, San Francisco Bicycle Day, SXSW, the Manifestation Celebration, and Gathering of the Vibes.

Label releases include Soulection, Loci, 1320 records, Pretty Lights Music, Gravitas Recordings, Cantora Records, Yoshi Toshi, Daly City, Electronic Music Magazine, and Dub Lab.

D.V.S* was one of 3 initial artists in the world to debut the Popular Science Award Winning “Guitar Wing” by Livid Instruments.  He is also an active Ableton Artist in the production, performance, and educational fields.




We’ve stumbled upon some magic here.

Music Capable of transcending the rock/ electronica gap. -Relix

The lovechild on Lunice and Ratatat. – SF Public Works

His musical dreamscapes offer a joyful perspective: full of playful chimes and driving percussion. –

D.V.S* takes you to another level through smooth builds, lovely melodies, and heartwarming percussive elements. -whiteraverrafting

D.V.S* is always a favorite of mine with his consistently solid production skills and creative remixes of all types of music.- the wax hole

I did not expect it, but D.V.S* has completely blown me away with his sparkling downtempo tracks. -musigh

The musical ability of D.V.S* is mind-blowing. It’s a bit different and we love it. -Do Androids Dance

Positively dreamy. -Songster

List of studio albums/ credits:

Hit the Clouds Running

Released: April 12, 2013

Label: Gravitas Recordings

The Code EP

Released: 2012

Label: Daly City Records

Coming Up For Air

Released: Nov 1, 2011

Label: self-released

Beyond the Looking Glass EP

Released: May 19, 2010

Label: self-released

How It Ends: The Remix EP

Released: 2010

Label: self-released

2009 Before i sing

Released: Oct 20, 2009

Label: self-released

Production/performance credits

2012 Michal Menert “Solar Overdrive,” “I Can’t Remember” guitarist, co-producer (Pretty Lights Music)

2013 Emancipator  "Dusk To Dawn" mandolin/guitar (Loci records)

2013 Random Rab “Blast Off”  mandolin/ guitar

Singles and remixes

2010: “Out on the Sandbar” (self released)

2010: “The Newell and Doran Mix” (Dublab)

2010 Remix of “If We Don’t All Go Crazy” by Take(Soulection)

2011: Remix of “Jet Stream” by Emancipator (1320)

2011: Remix of “The Alliance” with Break Science ft. Talib Kweli (self released)

2011: Remix of “Sun/Shadow” by Michal Menert (self released)

2011: Remix of “Dinosaur Anthems” by Mochipet (1320)

2011: Remix of The Doors “The End”

2011: Rüberjunk 2012 Spring Mixtape (Electronic Music Magazine)

2012: Remix of Pink Floyd “Us and Them”

2013: Remix of The Beatles “Because”

2013: Remix of Sharam- “On and On” (Yoshi Toshi)