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D-Program originally known as “Drifter” was born and raised on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. He moved to San Francisco and began DJing as a teen, during the peak of the infamous SF 90’s deep house rave revival. Immediately taking to the new sounds of jungle and drum and bass Drifter began throwing some of the first underground raves in the high sierras, his first urban event at the famous Peoples Park in Berkeley CA. where he met Dutch, and Cosmic Selector of Space Children and THUMP. Here Drifter began working with some of the biggest EDM production companies on the west coast including Full Circle, The Gathering, Area 51 (inner eye productions) Big Top/Juggernaut/Be Here Now (Space Children) and many more.

After 200 Drifter moved to Seattle and began throwing his own underground events and club nights under the name Rebel Alliance Productions and began to fine tune his skills as a drum and bass DJ. He played for such well known promoters in Seattle as Compound Records, 360 BPM as well as The Supper Club, The Art Bar,and The Baltic Room. It was also here that drifter now known as D-Program began to learn to right and record EDM.

Once back in San Francisco Drifter joined up with Cosmic Selector to form production duo True Force making mostly drum and bass, and performing at 1015 Folsom, for Raindance, Symbiosis Gathering, and their new residency Tech Support, held first at now defunct Shadow Lounge in the SOMA and later moved to Ill Pirata in the Potraro district in San Francisco CA. Tech Support became a staple to the SF drum and base community over two years and hosted some of the best known names in DnB history including, Hive, UFO!, Abstract, Compression crew, Technical Itch, Dylan, etc. Tech Support had a two and a half year run and through the first underground 3 room all drum and bass raves in Oakland CA. that the bay has seen. They also had a write up in the world famous Knowledge drum and bass magazine for being a main influence on the SF jungle scene. Many previously unknown DnB dj’s began their career playing for TSR’s free Thursday night party.

As the DnB movement started to wind down in SF. Trevor aka Drifter felt the need to re-brand as an artist as he discovered a new sound out of the UK focusing on the half-time feel of drum and bass. Drifter was reborn as producer and DJ – D-Program, and began to produce tunes preparing for his own imprint Tech Support Recordings. In 2009 D-Program released his first full length album ‘Tales From The City’ and followed it with a string of eps featuring tracks from the album with vocals and remixes by such prominent dubstep artists as Djunya, Antiserum, Audio Angel, Abstract Rude, Droid Selector, and Tech Freaks. The future looks bright for TSR and D-Program…to be continued.