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Started 1992 as a dj in Munich Germany as Hardboiled, changed his name to D-Noiser in 1995 genre progressive goatrance and house like stuff (e.g. FreshFruit Rec.). He performed at around 100 different psytrance festivals in Europe. His plays melodic to progressive goatrance and psychedelic trance. He organized maybe 30 Goatrance parties. He did one of the biggest goa internet radios in 1995. his new webradio is www.psychedelic-radio.com. He produces on Balloonia Records and Blissbits Media GmbH. ).lived from 2004 to 2010 in USA(miami area, moved back to Hamburg Germany. you can party with him at one of his next Parties. you can find a lot of information at his website www.d-noiser.com ..also tons of mixes for download bookings at [email protected]