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D Monic

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There is a lot more to D-Monic then just playing other peoples music. He is a scene builder and has been for over 16 years.

In 1993, D-Monic walked away from a successful top 40 career at a popular uptown Toronto nightclub. His heart was somewhere else. During his time playing in the top 40 club scene he’d been going to parties in the flourishing Toronto rave scene. These raves filled the small void that was apparent in his life. It was at these raves that he saw people that were looking for nothing more then a good time and good music – a refreshing change from the ‘meat markets’ he was used to playing at. After experiencing this scene for himself he developed a new aspiration: To be a “rave” DJ!

With that new aspiration came a new taste in music. Some called it progressive house; others called it funky breaks or funky techno. Either way, D-Monic loved it. It combined styles from all his previous loves! Hard breakbeats, solid basslines, up beat tempo…it was love at first sound. Records were bought, demo tapes were produced, and the quest began!

Since that time, D-Monic has gone on to play some of the biggest parties in Toronto history. He’s spread the word of ‘breaks’ from coast to coast. A fierce patriot, D-Monic has turned down many offers to play in the nearby United States in order to stay in Canada and carry the breakbeat flag. But this hadn’t stopped him from playing the occasional boat party in New York, or warehouse rave in Detroit… or even the legendary ‘Supercharged’ nights in the UK. Canada has always been his primary focus.

As his DJ career was taking off, D-Monic needed to find something to fill his days. He took a job at a small record store called ‘Eastern Bloc’ as a mixed tape salesman. In a few short months he was promoted to store manager and began implementing changes that helped turn the struggling store into a million-dollar empire. D-Monic used that storefront to spread the word of breaks and Eastern Bloc quickly became the best store in Canada for the genre. So good, in fact, that other stores nationwide bought their breaks selections from Eastern Bloc’s in-house distribution company. D-Monic helped shape the sound in Toronto by catering to all the local breaks talent. He was the man to see for the newest sounds.

While spreading new music to the DJ’s, D-Monic felt he needed to do something to help spread the word of breaks to the people. This was when Pure Phunk was born. In July of 2000 Pure Phunk threw its first party at the legendary Turbo Nightclub. The goal of Pure Phunk was to raise the quality level of local breaks events. Pure Phunk moved quickly to raise the profile of breakbeat culture in Toronto. In the first 18 months Pure Phunk produced a staggering 30 events and broke attendance records for breaks parties… Records still held to this day.

Since its inception, Pure Phunk has hosted the Toronto debut performances for some of the biggest names in breakbeat. Artists like Krafty Kuts, Soul Of Man, Freddy Fresh, Skool of Thought, Splitloop, Jay Cunning, Baby Anne, Kelly Reverb and more, all while fostering Toronto’s growing local DJ and production talent.

Even though he was busy with the store and the parties, he felt he could be doing more to push the sound on to new people. He was approached by an upstart Internet broadcasting company Iceberg Media to come aboard and produce his own weekly Internet radio show on Shortly after it’s debut, Pure Phunk Radio was chosen to be simulcast on local FM radio where the show amassed a large following from the after-club crowd. Some legendary episodes from that show are still talked about and downloaded to this day. Since then, D-Monic has hosted a variety of Internet radio shows, and 2 FM radio shows, but the 1Groove show is the one people remember the most.

As the Pure Phunk brand gained more and more momentum, D-Monic was approached by The Guvernment, one of the biggest and best nightclubs in North America. They wanted him to work with them to add a new and fun dimension to their already massive holiday weekend parties. How could he say no? The collaboration worked under the name ‘FOCUS’, and ‘focused’ primarily on throwing large scale, over the top events bringing multiple A-List DJ’s and artists together under one roof. It is safe to say that nearly every major breaks act has played under the FOCUS banner.

Still not content that he was doing enough to push the sound, D-Monic followed through on a long time dream. In the fall of 2003, D-Monic launched Pure Phunk Recordings, a portal for new Canadian producers to have their works pushed on a worldwide scale. The labels mission was to help Canada’s new breaks producers TO get heard while letting some of the bigger names in the business put their spin on things with some well placed remixes. A year and a half later, the label acquired their distributor 2 Wars & A Revolution, Canada’s largest breaks label at the time. D-Monic was now in control of 2 successful labels and oversaw the dealings of the 2Wars Label Group. Pure Phunk reached its pinnacle with its 10th vinyl release which featured breaks remixes of Canada’s hip-hop icon Maestro Fresh Wes. Sadly, unforeseen internal problems later caused the abrupt collapse of the labels and the label group… but you can’t keep a good man down!

D-Monic quickly reverted to his roots and began focusing again on rocking parties and throwing quality events. We’ve since seen a couple fun weeklies and some ground breaking monthlies, including the ‘NEXT’ series which focuses primarily on the development and exposure of Toronto’s ‘next’ breaks DJ’s. Expect to see even more great events and collaborations like this in the near future!

Many DJ Bio’s list big name acts that they have played ‘alongside’. Unlike most of those DJ’s, D-Monic has literally stood alongside nearly every a-list breaks act in the world either opening for, or closing for them while under the Pure Phunk & FOCUS flags. Krafty Kuts, Adam Freeland, the Freestylers, Rennie Pilgrim, The Crystal Method, Icey, Atomic Hooligan, Freq Nasty, Hyper, Lee Coombs, Uberzone… the list goes on and on. D-Monic has always been trusted with the responsibility of setting the stage for these acts, as well as keeping the party going after they’re done.

The bottom line is this: D-Monic is more then just a DJ.