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D Jayz

New Delhi, India

Psy-Trance, Trance

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Jaswinder Singh Saini Aka Dj Jayz was born in New Delhi, INDIA.He felt In Love With Music At The Childhood Days and was determined to turn this late high school DJ’ing hobby into his dream job, and that’s exactly what he have done.

There’s so much good music out there and he doesn’t want to limit himself to just a single style.He Started Djing As a career from Few Months Back. A Trance Music addicted Person Run Towards Music.So He jumped into music Production.

DJ’ing has always been a passion for him and he was exposed to musicality from a very tender age.and started playing at home parties and then move upto remixing and production.

Working under his mentor and thus collaborating & learning under some Australian producers, he is keen on coming up with banger tracks in the future. Currently working on new tracks for the production line & after gaining some exposure from his mentors abroad, he’s soon coming with up with banger of tracks

Jayz Started his dj career by featuring on “” for TFI sessions By Trance For Infinity and after that Jayz had his Podcast-Debut on Bollywood Radio And Beyond and in November 2012. After the first successful Podcasts Jayz started the new radio show series “ Global Realm Of Trance” in co-operation with Bollywood Radio And Beyond ( USA) which presents best music and high spirit with a changing variety of DJs each week.

He believes that the world is full of music, and you simply take as much as you require… His music journey is still going on..!! spreading music love n peace …!! !