Like several others, Peter van Huffel also grew up in the village of Landsmeer, the home town of ID &T and the Q-dance clan, just a stone’s throw from Amsterdam. Having grown up here, it is to be expected that D-Jay Alias spins and produces Hardstyle, but nothing could be further from the truth. Even though he, like many others, was fascinated by Hardcore in the early nineties, he still developed a preference for Techno and especially for one of its harder versions, spun by DJs like Chris Liebing and Rush. ‘Sometimes I’m being put in the same category as the Schranz-type techno, while I do make an attempt to add my own twist to the House sound. It’s a fact though that I prefer to spin hard Techno, although I also like Hardtrance’, the DJ explains.

As early as the age of fourteen, Peter started making music on the computer, using a sampler and simple software. He looks back on this first phase in his life as a producer as not yet being very ambitious, an attitude which changed almost simultaneously with the explosion of Hardstyle, which was when he decided to focus all his attention on his music.

After producing his first demo, he took his courage in his hands and paid a visit to the office of Q-dance. ‘I introduced myself, played my demo and got some advice as to how I could improve my productions’, he recalls. ‘The next thing they asked me was whether I was also a DJ, after which I started practicing like mad. For a while I performed with Peter of the Party Animals, but that was rather amateurishly.

After he had dropped by a mix demo, Q-dance gave him a chance to make his debut performance in one of the back rooms at Qlubtempo 3. The funny thing was that until then, Peter had not thought of a stage name yet. He thought of one while leaving through an English dictionary, when his eye caught sight of the word ‘alias’. He combined this with D-Jay, which is a variation on the usual spelling of DJ, to form the name D-Jay Alias.

He got booked more regularly now for the Qlubtempo events and he also spun at the opening of the beach club called Q-beach, located on the beach of Bloemendaal, which is a popular seaside resort in the Netherlands. The next thing he did was to present himself as a talent for the Defqon outdoor rave, making a profound impression on the dance public.

At Beachpop, D-Jay Alias performed with Miss Djax, which he, besides Jeff Mills (The Advent), Chris Liebing and DJ Rush, considers his hero. Deep down in his heart, the 27 year old artist cherishes a hope that one day Techno will become more popular than Hardstyle. He will in any case do anything in his power to make that happen. ‘I hope to release my first record on the Q-dance label fairly soon and I’m going to produce a technotrack together with Luna and Xanno Gallios. Right now, I’m still at the bottom of the ladder and will have to fight hard to work my way up. One of my long cherished wishes is to spin at an event like TeQnology. But in the world of dance music, I know that patience is a virtue…”.