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D Block & S Te Fan

Den Haag, Netherlands

Hard Dance, Hardcore / Hard Techno

AKA: Dbstf, S Te Fan, D Block

Scantraxx Evolutionz, X-Rate Records
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With a big love for melody and bass, D-Block & S-te-Fan found eachother at the end of 2004. Exploring their musical strengths seperately, both guys knew that this meeting was the beginning of something they dreamed from the beginning they started getting their musical love to a higher level.

Diederik always had a big love for melody. Music was not only his passion, but also his strength. With his father producing electronic music in his own studio in Amsterdam, Diederik heard the word music before he even knew what it was. This fact resulted in a big musical interest in the years that past. Stefan started to create his musical point of few in the early nineties, when happy hardcore was introduced. Evolving his love for music in the years after, Stefan always remembered the hard pounding tracks, with huge melodic influences from that period.

After they started to work as a team, things went fast. All of their releases got huge feedback, and were played by all the major jocks, resulting in several bookings From the biggest organisations hardstyle knows. For a year Diederik and Stefan hosted the “Next Chapter”, a hardstyle label with some of the most popular releases, like: Keep it coming, Lockdown, Natte asbak and Guilty.

Nowadays they are the happy owners of the “Scantraxx Evolutionz”, a sublabel from the “Scantraxx” label which already brought you Hitreleases like: Ride with uz, Sound of thunder, Shiverz and Music made addict.

First been hosting Thrillogy, B2S’s Solo event in Den Bosch and the year after asked to be the host of 2011’s X-Qlusive, the elite-event from Q-dance, D-Block & S-te-Fan proved themselves to be on top of the harddance scene!