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From the dawn of its existence, Chicago has been the home of House Music. For CZR, the beginning of the House era ignited his interest in the world of DJing. He began perfecting his craft from the age of 12 with the early influences of hip-hop and disco.

CZR’ production career was inspired by the success of various DJ International recording artists, including DJ Fast Eddie, Kool Rock Steady and Tyree Cooper. Through these associations, he found a link that enabled him to remain focused – emerging from the adversities of life in the Pilsen/Little Village area.

By the age of 16, CZR immersed himself in the world of House Music. His journey began in an entry-level position at Quantum (a DJ International distribution company). Inevitably, this gig evolved into an opportunity to produce his first single. CZR’ debut release on DJ International, entitled "Dance to the Drummer’ Beat, " featured vocalist Rappalot (owner of Creator’ Way associate labels).

Motivated by the success of his first recording venture, CZR directed more attention to his DJ career – founding the DJ team Hispanic Syndicate Empire. Through the production of underground mix tapes, he discovered new avenues of self-promotion. As a result of his extensive & creative vinyl manipulation, he began to feel the urge to innovate and produce his original sounds – which led to the completion of his next single.

CZR adopted the "I’m going to put the shit out myself " attitude, after numerous, unsuccessful attempts to find support from local record companies. Eventually, he resolved the situation by establishing his own record label, Grifa Records. Surprisingly, he experienced international success with his new endeavor as an independent label owner – licensing his music to Belgium and France. The follow up release, entitled “The Sophomore EP,” caught the interest of International House Records (IHR). Confident about his artistic and creative talent, IHR launched its ground breaking release “Abstract Muzik EP”.

In 1997, he continued his quest to explore new realms of production by completing two projects with house music legend Darryl Pandy. The first single, entitled “Do You Want My Love,” was released on Chicago’ Moody Recordings. The second single, entitled “Bad Enough,” was released on Erick Morillo’ world-renowned label, Subliminal Records. The follow-up ’I Want You" featuring Delano on vocals was a big hit for Subliminal and consequently was licensed by Credence/EMI in the UK. This will be followed by the much anticipated “Bringin the Funk”

In the midst of DJing, producing, arranging and writing songs, CZR has managed to remix countless projects for many universally respected labels such as Arista, Logic and ESP-Sun. The success brought on by his lifetime accomplishments will continue to bring him acknowledgement worldwide.