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Most underground-oriented Canadians living on the west coast of Canada are familiar with the legendary “Soul Kitchen” weekly event at “Tommy Africas” nightclub in Canada’s top ski and snowboard destination, Whistler, British Columbia. Few, however, recall that it was DJ. Czech who introduced the event to BC over seven years ago. Indeed, today, Czech’s “Soul Kitchen” remains the longest running club night in Whistler, and continues to showcase some of the world’s renowned DJ talent. Thus, Czech’s initial step into Canada’s Underground in 1989 has spawned a long prosperous career, for Czech has since become a household name for breaks-lovers everywhere.

A Vancouver resident for the last six years, Czech has further established powerful draw to the already-thriving local Vancouver club scene. His residencies at Wett Bar “POO” Mondays “lime” Thursdays and at Sonar “Cherry Bombs” Fridays, coupled with his vast musical knowledge and impeccable turntable skills, have helped to establish Vancouver internationally as one of Canada’s leading cities for up front electronic music.

Importantly, though, these residencies have not interfered with his tight touring schedule. Initially self managed, Czech’s reputation has led to play at prestigious clubs and massive raves throughout Europe and North America every weekend for last five years. Headlining alongside The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Porno for Pyros, and countless others, has not been uncommon for Czech.

His next step – writing and producing his own tracks – was inevitable. Constantly building his impressive home studio, his prime outlet for his music so far has been “Futuristic Funk Records” a joint venture involving himself and two other Vancouverites. Already a label in Vancouver’s foreground, “Futuristic Funk Records” is aimed at showcasing no only Czech’s own material, but other Canadian talent as well. With such an extensive history in the scene, and so many accomplishments under his belt, it is no surprise that Czech continues to represent Canada as one of the most preeminent breaks DJ’s in the world.