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my name is Cyril, I am a young dj producer & remixer of 20 years in Paris and style electro / house / club / progressive

I could do more @ The Mix Locomtive, Madeleine Plaza, Paris Les Planches, Paris and Vinyl Redlight Paris with a residence in 2008-2009 and to perform well in warm up or after with DJs such as: Dabruck & Klein Chris Kaeser, Maia K, Odessa, David C., Tom Pooks, Greg Cerrone, Da fresh, and many others.

Production level, in January 2009 I signed with Tronic B7 Records one of the largest electro label based in Brazil, then at Iindented Records (Australia). In 2010 I signed to Vinyl Pusher Records who were able to sign artists such as Sebastian B or Funkerman etc. .. . In 2011, over 62 productions under my belt sign on various label, remix included several of which appeared on compilations.

I have remixed artists such as: to Azzo at night, Filthy Rich, Marc Zero, etc. .. Audioshackers as well as my own productions I give access to Beatport for my productions, This site is the production site of Reference electronic.