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Cyn L

Edmonton, Canada

Breaks, Electro House, House

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Cyn L. has both played and organized shows at many venues and bars throughout the Maritimes, where she is one of the most well-known deejays/promoters in the region.

Her influences are her brother Kastion, Ryan Greene aka Opus ,Dale Mannette, David Anthony, Bad Brad Boogie,Marco Logik,Harmsworth,Vilify,Skog, Construct,Sonny D, Phenatik, Sebastien, Soundsyster,Jules,Dobba and the rest of the East Coast Music Scene

.She has played along side of some of the worlds finest such Dj Irene,Dj Swamp,Myagi,Dj Dan,Rennie Pilgrem, Robb G, Vegas of Bad Company and A Skillz just to name a few…

She founded Sonic Funk Productions with Seb Perron (2001-2003), then ventured off on her own to own/operate Synister Sounds Productions (2003-2007), In 2003 she also brought the world class DMC Competition to New Brunswick for the first time ever.

She was the resident at the Paramount Lounge (2002-2008) and did all the bookings for Saturday nights aswell.

She also ran Open Decks with Adam Gould and hosted it for 5 years(2003-2008),placed 2nd in DJ IDOL comp finals in Halifax at Reflections (2007) against HARMSWORTH, and currently holds 2 residencies. Just recently started a Saturday night weekly at Blondies with her longtime friend and tag team dj partner Marco Logik.

Cyn L also does her part for a crew of talented hip hop artists and is the Canadian Rep for Fword Records based out of Albany NYC.

Cyn L

has played all over the East Coast of Canada,the Evolve Festival 4 times,Colorado(2004) and Springfield Mass 2007 on St Patrick day.

She says that what she loves most about DJ’ing is the feeling she gets when she’s playing for a crowd of people and they’re feeding off and loving her music -

She was featured in Here magazine just this month.Check out the article:

Now in 2012 with her new partner Opus they are taking the East Coast by storm with 2 new tag mixes in the last 2 months,playing in Fredericton at Fstudio, Opening up for ASkillz @ the O2 thanks to Sonny D from Movethemasses, they are also starting a weekly at Triangles,launched 2 websites and

Cyn L is also has a blog on their site and is a publicist/promoter from many different artists around the East Coast and beyond. Some of these artists are: Nayles , SonnyD ,Opus,Marco Logik, Awol, Skog and Dj Kas just to name a few.

Opus aka Ryan Greene has been busy as well, not only with audio engineering and sound design but with production. He makes custom controllerism templates for Ableton, which include personalized effects,filters and harmonic enhancers just to name a few. He also is planning to get his Ableton certified trainer course and there are only 7 other people in Canada who are certified.

Together Cyn L and Opus are accomplishing their dreams and goals together and have huge plans for the future.