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Lisboa, Portugal

House, Techno

24 Bit, 76 Recordings, Aenaria Music
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Hugo Carreiras natural of Cova da Piedade (Almada) with the artistic name of CYBERX, initiated its career in 1997. CYBERX inside defines its musical source of the House, passing for noises more Deep, House, Tech House, ties to the Techno Minimal, always with contaminates electronics rhythms, thus influencing publishes it of a Bar, Club or event of great capacity, with its eclectic Dj Sets, energy and rhythmic, transmitting of this form animation and confidence for the dance floor.

Beyond its Dj Sets in residences, this artist has had a basic paper in some events.

Currently, the musical production is one of its stronger points, as much in the original subjects as in the remixes, being this constantly guest to remix and to edit subjects for appraised national and international publishing companies and artists, considered for “many” a world-wide revelation of the new age of Portuguese Musical Producers, visa its original track’s or remixes, to appear frequent, in “Dj Charts”, “Show’s Radio” and in Top of Sellers.

At the beginning of 2008, CYBERX, was ventured to participate it in a pastime of Dance Club in partnership with the Kaos Records, in which a subject of the D-Generation remixed and for proper merit, it won the competition. Subject this that was edited in one of the compilations of the Kaos Essential Singles and that it has had some impact in the dance tracks.

Also not being able to leave to detach its project’s of musical production and Dj Sets with its brother Sidrhythm, which had more given to the name of “Plastic Raftbus” and the project with is coined, called “Chilly Beans”.

In the year of 2009, this headquartered in Cascais was invited by the Ruido Açores, being and in thin Tip, to give courses of musical production and djjing, seen this artist to have all the professional qualities techniques and theoreticians to reach the objective intended for the proper company, who currently was puts in charge its agency to it.

Without a doubt plus a national Dj /Producer to detach, as much in its Lives as in its music productions, having in account its experience, technique and quality with I publish it, to develop a night of the success and good disposal in a club or an event.