Cybersutra Beatport


CyberSutra is a live electronic music project that Dj/Producer and percussionis Scott Binder(SF) created with his good friend and talented producer Nathan Heal(Seattle). Weaving together elements of Electro House, Melodic Trance and live improvisation, CyberSutra is designed to fuse live performance into dance music while reaching out around the globe to collaborate with top vocalist on sensations new tracks.

CyberSutra works with the most sublime vocalists in the world. They have recently cut tracks with Marcia Juell, the graceful vocalist featured in Matt Dareys hit single “Beautiful Day,” and Tiff Lacey, one of the UKs most accomplished electronic singer/songwriters. The rapid development of CyberSutra has included their exclusive invitation to SF LoveFest 2007. For CyberSutras LoveFest set, they performed some of their hottest original tracks before tens of thousands of worldwide attendees. With Nathan Heal on the keys, Scott Binder on turntables and AFrican Percussion, CyberSutra stole the show.

In December of 2007, CyberSutra landed a weekly hour long slot on Thursday 12pm PST on the Dance channel of Pure.Fm, a leading internet station. Calling their show “Spektrum,” the duo decided early on that instead of doing a simple mix, they would incorporate elements of their live performance.

CyberSutras debut release, “Lick it” was hand-picked by the one and only DJ Dan for release on his label, InsStereo Recordings. “Lick it” was officially released on March 14th 2008, and the track has already found its way into the hands of many of the top DJs around the globe, being played in the best clubs and radio shows wolrdwide.

Because of their love for combining the best elements from two prominent genres, Electro House and Trance, the boys are growing their own unique category of music that is fresh and appeals to a wide scope of electronic music listeners across the globe. The duo of CyberSutra creates on the cutting edge of the electronic music industry and is quickly becoming the hottest act in the States. They are setting the standards for the next generatio