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Curse & Bless

Manila, Philippines

Electro House

Viva Records
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Jared Celemin and Karen Toyoshima have combined a love for DJing and music production to become a diverting force field—as a duo producer and DJ ensemble—within the Philippines Electronic Dance Music scene.

As an EDM producer, It takes a heightened sense of awareness to detail mixed with a certain kind of wickedness to produce a perfectly flowing track that would lift you up and let you into that particular state of mind, that weak kneed, eyes closed, arms raised feel. Call it Euphoria if I may. And it is no doubt that the DJ/Producer duo, Curse and Bless brings us to that state every single time they step out onto the stage and pump out their eargasmic tunes and heart pounding beats. May it be on the stage or any media platform (soundcloud, beatport, etc.), this duo – composed of Jared Celemin (Curse) and Karen Toyoshima (Bless) can do just that.

The material that they bring to the table are fresh and original as all of the tracks they release are produced by them and them alone. Having been raised in Chicago and moving to LA after a decade, Curse’ ideal of the EDM structure is from the root of the music itself, thus the deep understanding of what the music is, and what it is to be. Add that to Bless’ feminine Japanese pop culture creativity, discipline, local artistic influence and the love for EDM. Even while playing live, they make sure that they keep the ideal of production and DJing alive as opposed to just playing with that little slider in the middle of the controller, if you know what I mean.Rest assured, Curse + Bless are one of, –THE best DJ/Producer Duo that are currently gracing the local EDM scene here in the Philippines.

Curse and Bless are also founders of the Philippines-based EDM collective known as Kurai, which is composed of up-and-coming producers with a love for bass-centric music, putting out some of the most extraordinary tracks, whether they be originals or remixes, that that world has yet to hear in all their glory. Apart from that, Curse and Bless are also founders of the sole EDM social media network in the country, EDM Philippines, with follower and like count increasing by the day. Rave.Ph, a community of festival goers and dedicated ravers, are also spearheaded by these two individuals who certainly know how to push themselves to the limits.

Signed under VIVA Records