Cuervo Beatport


D.J.Cuervo, “Theendup’s Dj,” has been described by many who have witnessed his unique style & presentation as being explosive, provocative & dynamic. With his precision mixing abilities, unique track selection, and good vibes, this Dj is here to find out one thing. What does it take to move YOU? Cuervo’s edgy and explosive sets have ignited and thrilled both new and seasoned patrons alike. A jack of a plethora of house music genres as well as, a master of beat-matching, this is one resident that can skillfully blend and mix! This makes Cuervo a sure crowd pleaser like no other. Cuervo have performed side by side with acclaimed performers like, Doc Martin, Dj Dan, Victor Calderon, Peter Rauhofer, Chris Cox, Dj Rap, Chuck Love, Chad Jack, Ruben Mancias and more. Look for this rising star to start production work on his own unique brand of sound and music this coming New Year. Cuervo breaks out and debuts on the international scene as a Feature Dj for NYE 2008 in Tahiti!Dj Cuervo has always maintained the same goal when it comes to performing to create that beautiful magical vibe, through careful programming and meticulous track selection. His energetic performances have captivated many audiences and left people walking away both inspired and truly satisfied. With a burning bright future ahead, Dj Cuervo will continue to spread his good vibes and his passion for quality dance music, conquering cities & countries all over the map, one dance floor at a time.