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Cubik & Origami


Toxic hurricane sludge, endless war and the eternal question of what to do with one’s Saturday night when the world’s about to implode… Cubik and Origami mine these topics and more on Slept In On Doomsday, their forthcoming release on Dinner Party Records. Originally known for the slow-burning downtempo funk of their eponymous debut on Wide Hive Records, and an intricate beatbox/instrumental EP in 2007, the duo have since broadened their outlook, quilting electro, IDM and indie rock details into their earth-toned hip-hop tapestries. The resulting record, their most song-driven work to date, draws comparisons to such disparate acts as Four Tet, Danger Mouse and The Album Leaf.

Taking the material live, C&O employ turntables, vocals, drums, bass and electronics, bending the songs to their will and to the delight of dance floors and opium dens alike.


Aiding and Abetting

“A wonder of an album. Something new and amazing is always around the corner.”

Heavy Contact

“Cubik and Origami… are taking us to the next era of the hip hop and jazz, and it’s up to us to either help them, or get out of their way.”

“…a well orchestrated, well performed, well engineered piece of work. It has soul, creativity and vibe. It suggests at even greater things to come…”