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It would seem that the love for Electro music started at the same time during my studies in experimental film in the Art Institute of Chicago, 1987, but it is hard to say. I would hang around the vinyl shop, Wax Trax Records, 2449 North Lincoln Avenue at “the Loop” in Chicago, where I met a local House band- Master C & J- minimal House producer, Dj and performers. With access to camera equipment, they asked me to film their gig in New York at “Paradise Garage” (the club where Jelly Bean Benitez discovered Madonna.) That was the start of it all. There have been many different influences in the direction of my taste of music, although predominately- “Industrial Progressive”, there were strong tendencies towards British Punk and other experimental artist like Nina Hagen, Laurie Anderson and dark bands like Nitzer Ebb, Joy Division, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, etc.

My days in Florida added Dance Hall Reggie, Ragga, to music pointing towards performers like Stereo MC and alternative hip hop to jazz which paved the way to loving LTJ Bukem, Roni Size, Goldie, etc. and other again British talents. The illustrious music atmosphere of Chicago from Jazz festivals to Blues festivals, numerous clubs and venues for live music the classic foundation for “soulful tuneage”, but Europe is the strongest driver in my love for the type of music. Frankfurt, Germany although the capital for German hip-hop, was the best for minimal techno (now named “electro” by the Germans). Clubs like The Box, Cocoon and many more I forget the names from probably taking too much “E” in those days, introduced me to Trance, Harthouse, DnB. Drum ‘n’ Bass has always held a special place in my melodious heart, maybe because it is the “bastard” of electro music family, a bit more Punk in nature and slightly brutal to dance to. It was also the music shoved underground and played in dark industrial areas, not to say most raves had techno (electro) music playing at least in my personal experience. DnB seems to be the worker’s class electro music. Mannheim was the real capital of DnB up to the time I left Germany in 2001. This all maybe contended, because perceptions of places and music run fluid and I travelled to many places at the same time to hear music…i.e. Prag =dnb, Bangkok=techno, London=techno, dnb, jungle, Paris=electro jazz, Hamburg=techno.

Summing everything up and explaining to you why I even have friends on fb as mostly musicians, performers, producers and just plain music lovers is because I want to open myself to a wider range of electro music and its development or evolution fascinates the hell out of me. I am a fine art painter foremost, working for a TV station locally and will be diving into music in the next years, thanks to the great music makers like yourself and the fans that propel the genres into new ones. RESPECT!