Dj of Hardcore, Hardstyle, Drum&Bass, and Acid Techno. He sometimes goes by the handle, The Zodiac to cope with the many styles he spins.

CruncHmagneT started compiling his music collection in 1995 and has continued to this day. His love for the music has propelled him to play many small underground parties in Southern California. “The massives just aren’t for me man.” He says to those who ask why they don’t see him more often. Recognition isn’t where it’s at for Dj CruncHmagneT. He loves the music and enjoys the crowds more than getting his name on a flyer.

CruncHmagneT is becoming known locally for his play with a combination of digital deck manipulation along with turntable manipulation. His dark crunchy style grows daily. The speakers throb when CruncHmagneT hits the decks, the crowd braces for mayhem and motion. Where will the next record bought lead CruncH in his mindful drive toward the future of heavy dance music?