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Crowd Controlol

Miami, United States

Tech House, Techno

AudioGroove Records, Club Traxx
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Crowd Controlol (pronounced ‘crowd control’) is Anthony Salce, a Miami, FL based DJ, producer, and remixer who is a rapidly growing electronic music artist in the south Florida area. Discovering a passion for a variety of dance music types at a young age, Anthony has been fortunate to find early success and recognition in the industry. One of the most impressive aspects of his career thus far is the rate at which his style and taste for music has evolved in such a short time. Whereas many DJ’s have taken decades to find their niche in the industry, the 23 year old has quickly declared a much more sophisticated and intricate sound in his productions and live performances– moving away from the mainstream vocal progressive and electro sounds that have created an industry that is in truth much different than that of the true house and techno.

Less than one year into producing electronically, September 2011 marked the release his three-track EP “Lolwut” with AudioGroove Records which was charted at number 6 in tech house releases on the world’s most popular electronic music store, Beatport. Shortly thereafter in January 2012, he signed his minimal-tech track “Our House” with the world renowned SK Supreme Records, marking a huge step in his production career. Anthony graduated the University of Miami in the spring of 2012 with a major in Management and minor in Music Business, and is now seriously pursuing his career in the dance industry, performing at some of the hottest venues in South Florida such as Mekka, Space Miami, Grand Central, The Bank, Seven, Dimension, and Finnegans. With nearly 20 years of experience in music, beginning with the Violin at age 3, combined with a keen enthusiasm for technology and computers, electronic music production is something that inevitably has become natural preoccupation for Anthony. Today, he spends his daily dose of hours in the recording studio mastering his unique sound and DJ style, while playing host to the highly acclaimed radio show, “To The Housebeat”, podcasted monthly on iTunes. Regardless of whether you are a longtime follower of electronic music, a casual supporter, or even a first-time listener, Crowd Controlol’s tracks and live DJ sets pledge a unique underground experience that continues to evolve daily at a disciplined and ambitious rate.