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Cristian Van Gurgl

Kostanjevica, Slovenia

House, Techno

Fabiiani Records, Sa Trincha Recordings
Cristian Van Gurgl Beatport


Contact: [email protected]

Cristian van Gurgel aka Dj Tekkno Gru is a dj and producer from Slovenia.His dj career started in year 2002 when he started playing in clubs and open air parties in his homeland.At first he was playing techno and techno left a big influence on him.He soon started producing his own music too.He is playing and producing genres like progressive trance, progressive house, techno minimal, and tech-house.He plaied in lot of clubs and open air parties through slovenia and he started playing also abroad makeing his name known in the world of dance music.His mix sets are dynamic and uplifting, flavoured with few vocals and good drive.He is always trying to connect with people and make a good atmosphere on the dance floor.

Discogs :

Cristian van Gurgel-Malibu(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Mulectro(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-World police(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Fashion trip(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Speedy Gonzales(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-10.000 feet(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Loose control(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Syntetic smile(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Tetrahedron(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Octahedron(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Point zero(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Carbon(original mix)

Cristian van Gurgel-Chains(original mix)

Dj Tekkno Gru-Disco move(original mix)

Dj Tekkno Gru-Power of physic(original mix)

Dj Tekkno Gru-Keep it real(original mix)

Dj Tekkno Gru-Electronic(original mix)