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One of the most versatiles and fastest growing and DJs/Producers in the Argentine territory in recent years. Nearly a decade playing almost every styles and carrying out his own label – Dbeatzion Records – Cristian surprises monthly with a vast number of releases and private tracks for his shows, having a unique style.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1987, he was fed with the music (not just electronic) almost from the cradle. Since entering adolescence began to shape his likings and projections, influenced by a variety of high-end European artists.

Influenced from the beginning by Jean Michel Jarre, Giorgio Moroder and Michael Cretu – his idols par excellence – Cristian does not stay locked into a branch of music, preferring rotation between different sounds, able to travel within the EDM without problems.

With over 200 releases – between Singles and Remixes –, with huge support from the best DJs over the world, you can say how hardworker he is.

Important to highlight his best-seller “Neon 2010”, an Original song which was reversioned by himself and already re-released over and over (even in the WMC 2011 Compilation and Trouse Compilation with names like Avicii).

This young guy is nothing but a connoisseur of music. He has been not only listening but analyzing it since he was a child, finally understanding the evolution of the genres, which could adapt creatively in the writing and composing process.

What can we say about last year (2011)? He was experiencing new roads with celebrities of the world being the new Official Remixer of bands such as Sirens or the german act Groove Coverage in the arms of Sony Music and Columbia Records. The talented american DJ Matt Consola has excusively contracted Cristian and Liam Keegan (Official Remixer of Lady Gaga) in order to release oldschool hits from the lovely 80s.

During the last summer, the single “Dreamt Paris” was the first big bet, including remixes by Lissat & Voltaxx and Manuel Baccano; well-known artists from Germany. Now with a Special Edition on sale.

What is next? The second big bet! “Rhythm Is A Dancer” featuring the local singer Valessa, a humble progressive remake of that song which could be the greatest dance hit from the 90s. Early played by Jesse Voorn as well as taking position on the Latin American Radios.

And… What is up now? On the one hand, the most important Album of Dbeatzion Records, Sirens Remixed, a double CD release with the best songs from this amazing girlband, remixed by Cristian Poow, Jerome Isma-Ae, Bimbo Jones, Almighty and many more. Alongside his own and very first “Best Of” including all new versions of his best-sellers, and maybe something else. Dates? As soon as you can’t imagine!

He is eternally grateful to the public, that made him be who he is today.