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Cristian Gandini was born on 25 April 1978 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began his career in late 1992, when he was only 14 years old and took his first steps into the world of frequency-modulation radio. First, he worked in production, then in radio hosting and last, in the technical operation of radio programs, which was, in his own words, his “first school”

Strongly influenced by artists such as Pink Floyd, The Doors, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Massive Attack and Portishead, among others, Cristian gave life to his first radio productions. Two years of intensive work and learning were more than enough to make a disco owner contact Cristian to musicalize his club in 1994, year in which he started DJ-ing.

Sharing the microphone with Diego Poso and Luis Bedini, Cristian gained knowledge and got a passion for radio. In 1998, he completed training in broadcasting at the University of Social and Business Sciences in order to make further improvement in his work in the media. Through all of those years he had the chance to perform at different radios and discos in the city of Buenos Aires, the Atlantic coast and inland areas of Argentina, always showing his good taste in choosing and mixing music.

In 2002 Cristian started Frecuencia Zoom, a radio program where he has made his longest career so far as both a radio host and presenter. There, he has hosted important artists such as Eelke Kleijn, Logiztik Sounds and Baunder, to name but a few. This proposal generated progressive sounds, not only in terms of musicalization but also communication.

Interested in keeping on learning, Cristian started to dive into the field of musical production with programs such as Nuendo, Reason and Ableton Live for the purpose of adding up to his knowledge to make his own performances and gradually apply more technology to each of his live sessions.

At present, Cristian is an artist booked by Sol Solar Corp, an agency where he has been for some time with artists such as Facundo Mohrr, Gerardo Boscarino and Sound Process.

From his work on South American Music Conference, Bahrein Club, Kika Stage, Amerika and Shamrock, Cristian keeps adding supporters through his own live Dj sets and the performances of several renowned underground with artists such as Lexicon Avenue, John Creamer, Wally Lopez, Andrea Cassino, Cid Inc, Martin Garcia, Deep Mariano, Guille Quero and Manuel Sofia, as well as his own productions and remixes which are available on Bellarine Recordings, Frisky Records, Looq Recordings, Jetlag Digital and Balkan Connection through