Cristian Exploited Beatport


young man dj 23-year-old producer is not known even by many people but in his backs it he loads long residences in the most important clubs of his city. With 17 years his first residence fixes.It He can to have been dj resident for 6 years in clubs of International rename like sala del cel. leads him to getting squarely into the electronic scene of the moment where we have seen it to act with the best artists of the moment. Josh wink, Eric Powell or Sven Vath for naming some do of a key piece in the of Girona scene. Resident of the Bavarian Nights in summer in the terrace of the Mas De Nit. Resident of the Lounge of Hairdresser’s shop Underground 4Cantons. His sessions have been emitted by the most important issuers of the country and in programs of maxim hearing as Zone 3 of National Radio of Spain on in Flaix F.m’s Catalan Swing Flaix. It He has been of the artists first in promoting new systems of the world dj as the Final Scratch from whom it proves and tests all his productions to the moment creating the only and exclusive DJ plays. It He moves between the house and techno, with many grooving. He collaborates in several productions and compilations for national and international like that labels like remixed some artists and release some ep’s for New York’s label Apple jaxX digital records and deutch SMD records…….