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Cristian Arango is NY’S TOP 1 Colombian Producer of this time. He has been recognized for his amazing talent in music production around the world as is One of the best DJ’s to have emerged from within the electronic music community in a long time. Cristian is based in NY and originally from Colombia. He is the creator of the success hit “ LOCOMBIA”, one of the most downloaded hits around the globe, bringing his music to places he could never imagine.

During his years of music production, Cristian Arango (well known in the industry as “Locombia”) has been in the TOP of Beatport numerous times, with such releases as: Let’s Salsa, Music Application, Koncrete, Closer to me, Muzic Rules, I Turn You On, Another Late Night and his latest release Control, massive success at Beatport and selected Top 10 of mayor International DJS such us Sharam, Dubfire among others and under his own record label “Fly Records”. This has been an amazing achievement for him, confirming the quality of his work.

He has been admired for his music contributions by many Djs & Producers around the world and in his own country Colombia, where he began performing his first steps as a DJ at the young age of 16.

People are attracted to the wonderful type of person he is. He is kind hearted and his fans support him wherever he goes. Cristian Arango shines on his own, with his unique style and his impeccable mixing abilities.

Cristian Arango,is a perfectionist in terms of his career as a DJ & Producer, highlighting the phrase that he always uses,

“there are a lot of DJs & Producers out there, but very few that are committed to show respect to this profession”.