Cricky Lyttle Beatport


Cricky Lyttle was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His interest for the dance scene took off in the mid 90s in an era when the dance scene was thriving in Northern Ireland. While too young to go clubbing Cricky was listening to tapes of various local DJs such as Tizer and Eddie Wray and after a few years he himself began to wonder onto the clubbing circuit and frequented local clubs such as The MetArena, Shine and Lush! This inspired Cricky to give it a shot himself and over a short period of time, as Cricky gained experience and the positive feedback kept coming he gained the confidence to start taking it seriously.

Since making the transition from dodgy belt-drives to the industry standard Technics, Cricky has continued to improve his skills. While constantly trying for improvement and venturing into new genres all the time Cricky’s sets comprise of a mash up of styles and trickery with the occasional classic thrown in for good measure!

The Keymix DJ Master class supported by Radio 1s DJ Fergie has played a key role in Crickys development, securing him his first Amber Room gig in Club Matrix. Cricky has played the Amber Room (Club Matrix) several times again, this ended in a slot in the main room, to warm up working alongside Chris Davis, Paul Maddox and Rob Tissera shortly before the clubs untimely closure.

He was added to the ClubbingIreland DJ Roster and made resident. With ClubbingIreland Cricky has played at the Nerve Centre in Derry and the Coach Banbridge. This residency got him a lot of recognition from various other promoters including DanceCircuit and Freshclubbing, gaining him more sets in the Nerve Centre and Bar 15.

January 2005 took off on a promising foot for Cricky, firstly he was chosen as a station DJ for a local web based radio station Pure Adrenaline playing Wednesday nights on a bi-weekly basis.

He has played gigs for local promoters Planet Love Music, Keymix, Freshclubbing, Clubbingireland, Meltdown, DanceCircuit, in The Nerve Centre (Derry), Bar 15 (Bangor), The Coach* (Banbridge), Club Matrix (Dungannon), The Elephant Room (Belfast), Club Ink (Ballymena), Melt (Lurgan), Molly Sweenys (Omagh), and NIs own Planet Love Festival.

Summer 2006 then made way for Ibiza! Crickys first Ibiza gig came as a surprise to him as it was not sorted beforehand, this gig being Eden Bay. After his first 4 hour set here he was asked back quite a lot as the manager took to his style straight away, Cricky played at various preparties at Eden Bay, including Judgement Sunday, Gatecrasher Classics & The Dusted Preparty. His next booking was in The Orange Corner; it was a day time set right on the beachfront in San Antonio. The crowd loved it and the resident let him play on for an extra couple of hours until the next DJs arrived. The last place Cricky played was for Dusted in Eden, This was a gig everyone had been looking forward to; warming up in the main room for DJs such as Oliver Lang and Norman Jay, It was the perfect Ibiza 2006 send off. Watch out Ibiza 2007, Crickys diary is already in planning!