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“Where the power of words ends, the music begins.”

Following that credo, German producer Matthias Baumann was instantly amazed, as he – at a very young age in front of a piano – discovered, that only three little notes, put together in the right direction and played with a certain sound, are sufficient to evoke emotions.

Even more, those same notes could trigger different emotions in different people, depending on so many different factors.

Take this still existing childlike exaltation, add a never ending curiousness for diverse and unique sounds and musical styles, mash it up with a distinct fondness for groove in every sense, and you got Cressida.

This progressive trance act was launched in 2005 by Matthias together with Roland Geringer, who shared the same musical background the same passion for EDM back then. Working together for almost three years and gaining instant recognition for their tracks and remixes, the project Cressida never stopped growing and so did the list of labels they worked for, including Lost Language, Baroque Records, Afterglow, Ava Recordings, Somatic Sense, Alter Ego Records and Enhanced Records, only to name a few.

Run by Matthias alone since early 2008, that year marked the most successful for Cressida.

The track “6AM” on the well established German label “Euphonic Records” hit the nail on the head with its beautiful melody and the amazing club interpretation by Euphonic label owners Kyau & Albert. The track still holds the record as highest charting trancetrack and was the best selling trance single of the year 2008 on . It also got won the beatport award for “best trance track” and was featured on the well-known compilation “In search of sunrise” by Dj Tiesto.

The follow up EP to 6AM, called “Never Mind / Onyric”, was equally succesful, being picked up by all the major players, with “Onyric” being one of the most played tracks in the epic A state of trance 400 show. With the following “2010 EP” and the main track “Two-o-Ten”, Cressida set a big exclamation mark behind their recent success, as the track was yet again supported by all key players.

2011 will be an interesting year: Besides continuing to tour the globe as the dj act Cressida, Matthias has just finished shooting a music video for an upcoming vocal single on euphonic records (release Feb/March 2011). Meanwhile, Roland is taking steps to get back into the project, so the boys will be back in full force to unleash more music for the trance and progressive scene! Keep your eyes and ears peeled ! (read less)