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Dj Cremblo , One Of the Youngest Dj’s In Egypt,He’s A professional in electro mixing And Electro Mashups.He was Born on 29/8/1995 , When he was 9 He’s interests in music began to show , He Started Listening To Famous Dj’s Like Tiesto’s,Armin Van Buuren,Benny Benassi,David Guetta. When he was 13 He began Mixing Songs ,That was Really good for a 13 year old boy, He learned All his Dj Technics And Tricks From The internet! NO ONE HELPED HIM REALLY ! Then He Started Mixing Podcasts,Sets,Mixes U knw And then he started to try to Produce Songs Since he was 14 He Really didn’t Succeed in this The first Time , Then With a Great Help From Dj Ali Nadem He Began Producing electro Music and beats But on his own way :D He’s waiting his chance To be Famous , Waiting Someone To Believe in his music and Creations. He’s A Hardworker And i think If Someone Pushed Him and Gave him his hand to help! He’s ganna be a great Dj He Got the talent really But he is need of the dj experience Thats all i have to say for a good friend That really want to learn and Work To reach his Goal! Cheeeeerz!