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Crazy Teck

Montreal, Canada

House, Techno

InterTech Records, Sabretooth Records
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Alex Castanha aka CrazyTeck was born in September 1982. His first encounter with electronic music was back in 1999 with the notorious Black&Blue event in Montreal, Canada. It was the starting of a love story with electronic music that is now more present than ever.

After clubbing in Montreal’s underground parties, Alex wanted to be more active in the scene and in 2001 he begin to experiment music on his computer with software such as Fruity Loops, Rebirth, Acid, Reason and now Ableton Live. Wanted to go further in sound theory and get technical abilities, Alex brilliantly succeed in 2002 his degree in Sound Design at Musi-Technic, a specialize school in digital techniques for sound and music.

Slowly building his own home studio and working hard to perfect his art, Alex spends a lot of time in the research of his own sound and style. In 2005, while being influence by many different style such as Hard Techno, Acid, Psy-Trance/Goa and even Industrial, Alex really start to produced quality tracks of his own style and his always still developing it and pushing it beyond boundaries.

First support came by Chris Hampshire, owner and label manager of Recover, he gave him is first opportunity to release a track and this is how the awesome CrazyTeck Mix of Sol Ray & GlowBones Dark Angel was release at the end of March 2006. Since then, Alex has work with multiple labels as Sabretooth Records (UK), NWS Rec (Russia), Beatwork Rec (Italia), Keep On Techno Rec (Croatia/Spain), Techno Addicted Rec (Spain), Guilhotina Rec (Brazil), Alekso Rec (Slovenia) and artist such as Recycle Bot, Ben Fraser, Rantan, Wyrus, Bitch Bros, DJ Cristiao, Javier Blend, Mash and even more to come. Also gained support from big artist as D.A.V.E. The Drummer and many others, Alex start to definitely be more recognize on the international techno scene.

Always working hard, CrazyTeck always got tracks to finish, remixes to do, mastering to finalize or gigs and radio shows to prepare. So you’ll definitely hear more, and more from him!!