Crazyhouse A.K.A (Fred Miller) descends from Montreal, Canada where he began spinning the turntables at parties in his parent’s basement at the age of 13. Before he knew it, word spread through the neighborhood and Crazyhouse was on his way to bringing house music to over 1000 people a night at parties that he promoted with a few of his friends. The success of these events led Crazyhouse to further explore his passion behind the turntables and his early career. He has been involved in the dance scene for nearly twelve years. He started out in the industry by DJing at every major nightclub in Montreal including guest appearances and residencies at; 737, Level (After-hours), Circus, Red-lite, Stereo, Gravity, Sky, Skyclub, The Beach Club & many more. His resounding music literally rounds up thousands of fans thirsty for Montreal’s vibrant nightlife and sound.

Why the name Crazyhouse? Well, when he hears the deep dark & sexy rhythm of house, his brain goes crazy & he is absolutely ADDICTED to the crazy DRUM beat… A big reason Crazyhouse’s fans are so devoted is his signature’s vibrant style. Crazyhouse’s beats are precise and his breaks clean. In addition to his technical mastery, Crazyhouse enjoys his music as much as his audience does. In the midst of a jam, Crazyhouse joins the crowd, jumping up and down while waving his arms in the air. His facial expressions reflect the complete outpouring of emotion in his music.

Throughout his musical career Crazyhouse has been influenced by DJs such as; D-Formation, Oscar G, Danny Tenaglia, Victor Calderone, Rick Pier O’neil, Chus & Ceballos, Peter Rauhofer and many others as well.

“I’ve always listened to lots of other DJs and love nothing more than to be inspired. If it’s put together well then it’s more important than the style of the music they’re playing.” The way he anticipates and works with the crowd is well recognized when he plays. The bond between himself and the crowd is acknowledged by the energy given off as he maneuvers from one track to the next.

“When a night’s good, there’s definitely that feeling of being connected to the crowd. You get this feeling that wherever you take them musically they’ll go with you and then as the DJ you respond to them. “That’s the buzz.”

“My style has always been to build my set in a curve leading to total mayhem at the end. If I’ve played in a club regularly I really feel a sense of trust that they know I’m going to start quite deep and then build and build. I guess I get a kick out of teasing a crowd and then hitting them over the head with a sledgehammer when the time is right! If there’s one club where I feel totally relaxed and the connection is complete, it’s been at Level this year.”

Promoting 3 Spain record labels; Garbage Records, Rpo Traxx and Frekency Records for Canada and the U.S.

The best way to experience Crazyhouse is in person. A fan of music as well as an accomplished DJ, Crazyhouse continues to provide the best evening around.

Let yourself become ADDICTED to the DRUMS

Just listen, enjoy and be inspired!