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Crazy Daylight

Brisbane, Australia

Adapted Records, Funky Way, Simplify Recordings
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Crazy Daylight is a reference to all the good times, all the loose times, the surreal… and the unreal fun and most hilarious things that happen when the sun comes up after a night (or two) of partying and the party keeps on rollin’. Nothing is serious, everyone is in a state of stupidity! Then the fun really begins…

Crazy Daylight’s sets are a real musical performance using keyboards, drum pads, vocals and glitch modules. In a scene where the word live is meagrely used to describe djs triggering a few clips in Ableton and tweaking a few effect knobs, crazy daylight is setting the standard for real live performance. This said, the sounds are a distant leap from the mellow and organic sounds of many live performers in the electronic realm such as the bird or wild marmalade. This is seriously, funked up electronic music with dynamic bass lines, glitched out vocals and a twisted mash of melodic and heavy dancefloor grooves.

With styles ranging from electro, glitch hop, dub step and crunk there is also a strong pop influence in the music. Each song has a journey of its own as does each set with faced paced changes and sonic diversity always keeping it fresh. Gone are the days of when a djs played 2 hour sets of 20 songs that all sound the same. Continuity is boring, people are genre hopping like crazy these days and so they should. How many bands do u see playing every song at 127 bpm, with the same sounds and style? Very few… Crazy Daylight is one of the new breed of electronic artists embracing variation, changing electronic music for the better, AND loving every minute of it!