Crazy Cuts Beatport


The beginning:

Back in 1980 NY City, that was the beginning! Grand Wizard Theodore was performing on a small house Party.

At first DJ Crazy Cuts didn’t have his own turntables, so he was waiting until his father left the house, so he could start scratching on his father’s stereo system. In the same year he got his first set of turntables.

“With the little Money I had from my job delivering newspapers, I bought my first turntable set, which was very old and used at the time. But I didn’t have a table to put them on, so I had to practice on my knees for the first four months, until I finally found a real table I could put my turntables on”.

From there on nobody could stop him. On the one side djing is for him entertainment and based on mixing, scratching, beat-juggling and body-tricks, but on the other side it is a lot more for him

“djing is my life and I use it as a musical medicine to make the people feel good”.

More about DJ Crazy Cuts:

DJ Crazy Cuts was born in New York and a DJ of the first hour.

For 25 years he is now djing, and in his sets he is mixing all different types of music from the last 50 years, like Rap, Reggae, Jungle, House, Drum & Bass, Breakbeats, Garage, Rock ,60’s and 70’s-Funk & Soul. His first Residency was 1983-1984 at Club Illusions.

He was the opener for Hip Hop pioneers like Ice-T, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five, Das EFX or Jeru the Damaja. 2002 he was djing for Melle Mel on his tour "The Where U At European Tour ".

He placed on diverse dj battles like: 1st place, Category Best Show DJ 1996 at the American Jam in Frankfurt, 1st Place DJ Battle Fulda, and I.T.F. Finalist 2001 and he was DMC German Finalist 2002

He toured in 2002 with “The Where U At European Tour” and Melle Mel & DJ Crazy Cuts. In 2004 he toured with “LIVE FROM NEW YORK!”, DJ Crazy Cuts (NY) & Mista Sinista (NY) (Former X-Ecutioners), 2 DJ’s BRINGING YOU THE NY FLAVA!


DJ Crazy Cuts did together with his MC Dee MinCzar, working together under the name “Braynesik”.