Top 50k on The DJ List

Craz E D

Chicago, United States

Drum & Bass, Hardcore / Hard Techno

AKA: Dave Hannen

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Dave Hannen a.k.a. DJ Craz e D was introduced into the world of music by the age of 6, when his Mother taught him piano. Dave went onto playing trumpet in the school band to playing guitar in a garage band, it was 1989 when Dave was introduced to Dance Music & the art of DJing, when a friend took him to a house party, where the now legendary Chicago DJ, Bad Boy Bill was playing. He was blown away & from there Dave started to play around with mix tapes. Dave’s interest was further sparked & he went on to teach himself how to DJ. Dave worked on his skills & studied fellow DJ’s in tell he was confident to start playing out. In 1991, he started playing small parties & making his own mix tapes to pass along to friends. Dave caught his break in 1993, when he gained his 1st club residency. Since then, he has never looked back. Dave has gone on to play at Raves & parties across the U.S. & even a couple over seas. Dave has also held a couple of residencies at clubs, his last being Accent Café in Chicago & has made guest appearances at numerous clubs. In 2000, Dave caught a break of a life time & got the chance to tour with the U.K. pop band BB Mak on their debut U.S. tour. Dave has also appeared or has been mentioned on several radio & on-line mix shows across the globe, including his last appearance on Nashville, Tn. mix show on Sound Escape which airs on 91.1 fm WRVU. Dave has also finished as high as in the top 150 on the DJ List out of almost 30,000 listed DJ’s & was voted one of Chicago’s top 10 favorite DJ’s in a poll taken on Chicago’s #1 club scene web site, Chicago Fusion. Dave has worked endlessly & has had the chance to perform with many top names in the biz. Dave also, decided to launch his own Management & Promotional company in 1999, Euphoric Groove Productions. Since the launch of the company, it has been a success for Dave & has worked with many names, such as Voodoo, Alex Peace, Don Diablo, Kit Williams, Josh Collins, Marc Anthony & Double Impact to name a few. Now, Dave is expanding Euphoric Groove & turning it into an on-line music store to further serve the dance music scene as a whole. In 2004 Dave has also signed with G.S.P. Entertainment & looks forward to working with them. In recent times, Dave has been working endlessly playing & promoting the music he loves’s, Drum & Bass & Hardcore. Dave has gone by several DJ Tags over the years, but no matter what he is known as or going by, Dave will always give a 110% when playing the music he loves.