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Moreno Valley, United States

Hard Dance, Trance

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Thomas Craver born in Beverly Hills California on April 4t 1985, Is a American Trance DJ / Producer who is currently rated #12 Hard Trance Dj . In 2005 Thomas Joined the group NeoSapiens . Thomas started with Neosapiens and he played on the side area’s no one wanted to go too. Then one day the Neosapiens management made a mistake and put Thomas in the wrong area. Thomas pulled such a crowd that some of the other area’s began to look a little thin. Realizing his talent and uncanning ability to read the crowd Thomas’s manager never again put him anywhere but main mainstage.

In 2006 Thomas became extremely focused “maybe somewhat obsessed” on his music. Diligently working to create a unique sound and atmosphere that’s he could call his own . through tedious Practice, hardwork , and innovation he found his unique sound. And he did this by combining beautiful melodic music with hard driving sexy beats. Beats the dance floor needs to sustain it’s synergy. He created a unique environment that was comprised of hard dancing beats and melodic tones that could take ur mind places you never thought existed.

in late 2009 Thomas Craver and Erick Udall started EDMpire. EDMpire is one of so cal’s first EDM music / lifestyle internet radio show. it broadcasts every monday night on sometimes the show is prerecorded. but for the most part it’s broadcast live. Around the winter thomas and eric began to expand the show . these changes included free ticket and gift givaways and live interviews with major artist. artist like Andy Moor, Myon and Shane54, Dj Issac, and caffene.

2010 has been a very busy and awesome year. staying mostly in the amazingly strong and fast moving EDM scene. in 2010 Thomas began to work on plans for and new podcast called masters of melody which will be availible on itunes within the next month and a half. Masters of melody puts empathsis on the two worldly popular genres of Trance and Progressive House. Thomas and his partner Ryan Foley created the podcast to stregthen the so cal view of EDM music. and to bring new and upcomming artist to the light.

Thomas has shared a stages with many great artist such as Gareth Emery, 4 Strings, Mike Koglin, Dyloot, Darude, Mars, Dj Dan, Lange, and many more . Playing many events at highly respected venues . Thomas is revered as one of California’s most powerful and emotional trance Dj’s. And when he gets on stage he quite literally becomes an unstoppable force of nature. He simply has a undeniably strong belief in what he calls “The mysterious power of Trance”.

== History ==

From a very young age Thomas had a love for music showing an interest in the piano at age 4. Thomas was raised in classical music by his grandmother and father “Carl & Rheba Foster”. From the beginning they could see great potential. They stressed hard work, perfection and Innovation. As Thomas grew to become of age he struggled to find his identity. He became involved in many sports and or activities such as, the martial arts and extreme sports. Those activities taught Thomas what it means to be competitive, disciplined and innovative. In 2000 Thomas had his first experience with electronic music. Hey would attend a few events and artist performances but never really got into the scene. He had his mind set on other opportunity‘s and ventures.

From a very young age Thomas always questioned life and often wondered “what made the world tick?”. He also had a huge drive when it came to accomplishing his goals. But in 2005 Thomas went to the sports arena and witnessed Paul Van Dyke display a life changing performance. At that moment he knew that he wanted to make the world feel just as he did standing there in the middle of that arena.

So Thomas saved his money and purchased his first decks Numark TTx1’s. He locked himself in his garage-studio and spent a year practicing. Then one day Thomas saw Paul Van Dyke Display a awesome performance at [[Monster Massive]]. For a year John Thomas would practice and train all day long. Until his senses and skills were very sharp. Thomas stressed perfection, clarity, and innovation. As if the very existence of the world depended on an ultra strong performance. So Thomas hit the ground running and from the point on Thomas would be known only as craver “Bringer of The Boom” and the “Chancellor of the Electronic Experience”. With Craver’s advance performance techniques and innovative style, He’s sure to awaken the beast within us all.

Thomas dedicates his life to music. Not just searching for that special track also searching for the experiences that truly transcend the concepts that we perceive as reality. By mixing beautifully harmonic sounds and tones with those hard driving beats. He drives the crowd completely insane with energy. Yet still maintain enough peace so they can be truly moved.

Since 2006 Craver has been with the scene and in the lab researching, creating and redefining the electronic experience. Believing that electronic music is the universal language in which everyone speaks at birth. Craver is forever pushing the limits challenging sound systems from LA to Las Vegas with his Sexy Trance style. Combining hard beats with sexy melodic sounds there is no doubt for the future that Craver will bring it and bring it HARD!!