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Devel, born 1981 grew up with music as a second nature. From a young age he was programmed with classical and modern contemporary music. His family’s expectations were for him to become a renowned violinist. His early life was spent learning violin and guitar until he discovered electronic music. His passion for Dutch Hardcore / Gabber and Happy Hard found him soon turning is focus from the violin and guitar to the turntable. With this he started to idolize the likes of Paul Elstak, The Darkrave, Neophyte and many more. His record pile grew beyond his bed room and his passion became a driving force in his life. After playing at many “house” parties, he was given the name Crank. The reason behind this name has been debated by many who initially concocted the name; however it was apparent that no matter what the true meaning behind the name was, he truly knew how to make a party “CRANK”

He soon found himself playing at many of the smaller parties throughout Sydney along some of Sydney’s best including Abel, Nik Fish, Sub Zero, Fenix, Crystal and many more. In 1996 at the tender age of 15, he enlisted in to the Navy and soon found himself being posted in the multicultural center of Australia, MELBOURNE. The Melbourne sound bore major influence in his decision to delve into hard trance and by work on both genres he was able to build a diverse record collection. From 1997 -1999 he spent most of his time perfecting his mixing and working hard in the Navy. In 2000 he returned to Melbourne and soon gained a regular spot of the famous Bubble Night Club (Longest running Hard Dance Club in Melbourne). This was a turning point for him as he started to show a greater interest in Hard Trance however continued to do the occasional Hardcore set in Sydney.

In 2002 he left the Navy and moved to China to commence working for one of China’s largest Night Club Chains; BA NA NA Night Club. During this time he worked for a company called Neo-Neon by day and traveled China wide playing where ever his infectious Hard Trance sound was welcomed.

-Crank is an exciting breath of fresh air for Chinese Club goers. “China is a very different place to DJ as they loved their vocal cheesy sound with a constant beat around 145bpm. It’s basically a Chinese version of Pop Trance. Take your commercially popular sounds of Sand Storm and remix them with Chinese Pop vocals and you have a typical sound played in a Chinese disco. I didn’t want to settle with playing the same tracks as all the other dj’s, so I played a lot of tracks by Megara and DJ Lee, Alpha Zone and so many others. It was a perfect blend that really got the crowd jumping” Says Crank – quote from Beijing Nightlife Magazine 2006

In 2003 his musical taste once again was infiltrated by a new sound. HARDSTYLE had taken Europe by storm with its pounding Reverse Bass. This was it He found his ultimate sound. He also found that he could mix hardstyle with the ever popular Pop Trance / Hands up Hard Trance sound he had been mixing up in China. And so he decided to mix a blend of both sounds which proved to be a natural progression of sound. Although his discovery of Hardstyle was during his time in China, he didn’t play it until 2005 when he traveled to The Netherlands and played a number of small club events as a special guest.

In 2006 he returned to Australia and moved to Adelaide. Immediately upon arrival in the festival state, he was snapped up by local Super Club GATEWAY. Week after week we played unforgettable 2 hour sets starting with his energetic Pop Trance through to the driving and pulsing sound of Hardstyle. In 2007 he left Gateway to take on a residency at the popular Earth Night Club where he continues to play now.

Through his career he has had the pleasure of playing alongside Paul Elstak, Neophyte, Promo, Endymion, Ophidian, Stunned Guys, Zany, Donkey Rollers, Alpha Twins, D-Block & S-TE-Fan, Walt Jensen, Pascal Feliz, Dave Joy, The Prophet, Showtek, Organ Donars, Steve Hill, Technikal and so many more.

In 2008 he did a search online and found that his name, although original in his mind was being used by a number of other djs. As he was working on a number of soon to be released tracks he decided to change his name to Devel. He promises that it is not a play on the word Devil however has openly offered a challenge to anyone who can find out the true meaning behind his name will be paid US$100

Me Latschowa tut mit oe devel