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Datteln, Germany

Tech House, Techno

CosmoO-Records, Kapelle
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My name is Benny, i am from Germany. Since I was a 14 years young boy, i knew, music is my destination. First time, I wasn´t sure wich way.

I tried a lot, and at last I found my special inspriration in House and Techhouse music. It´s so amazing, what music can do to all of the different people on earth.

I also played in different clubs, not that big, but all I want, is to inspire the people on the dancefloor with my beats. This feeling, when I´m on stage, look down to the guys, who are all dancing to my music, that is so unbelieveble amazing. That is the only thing I will do in my life.

I want to inspire the people with my sound, like Umek inspired me. I want to give this sensational feeling to all. When I stand on stage, there´s npothing in my head, just this one special feeling and the passion for the music.