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Cosmic Tone

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Cosmic Tone is the project of multitalented producer, Roi Nissan.

Based in the peaceful, sunny northern city Naharia Israel, Cosmic Tone has been producing top class electronic based music for close to a decade.

Since childhood Roi has been intrigued by music and begun playing the keyboard and guitar in a very early stage of existence.

During the end of 1999 Roi sets out on a trip to the Far East, what was planned to be a 6 month affair lasted over 3 years. He Dj’d & organized various events in Thailand, Laos (First Full-moon event held there), Goa & all across India, Australia and Africa.

Roi began producing his own style of electronic music while residing in Thailand.

On his return home he took things into a higher level building a state of the art studio to give him the environment needed to produce to class electronic music.

The alias “Cosmic Tone” was triggered by a good friend and colleague, Avihen Livne (a.k.a Cosma – RIP).

Cosmic Tone successful career includes a wide range of track featured on a large number of compilation releases by top international labels.

2002 brought forth his debut album “Overwhelming”(Trancelucent Prod.), a truly exceptional & groundbreaking album release, which is until this date considered as one of the most innovative progressive trance classics.

Since than the signature print, Cosmic Tone, sound has been in constant development and change. He has release 4 additional studio album releases: “Going Solo”(Trancelucent Prod. 2004), “Wake Up”(Com.Pact Rec. 2005), “Singularity”(Com.Pact Rec. 2006), “In-Action – Remixes by Cosmic Tone”(Com.Pact Rec. 2007).

Cosmic Tone’s crystal clear sound & infectious abilities on stage has taken him all over the world, presenting his unique sound to large range of electronic music fans.

Among the location one can list: Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, UK, Greece, Portugal, Turkey, Spain, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, US, Australia, Laos, Burma, India, Nepal, Guatemala, and of course his homeland, Israel.

Cosmic Tone fits perfectly to the description of the music, spacey, emotional with uncompromising sound which is always explored deeper and deeper.

Among his wide range of activities Roi is also an active partner, on the musical front, of the known & respected “Half-Moon Festival”. During 2009 he has released “Best of Cosmic Tone” which was the official album release of the “Half-Moon Festival”.

He has currently completed the production of the next “Half-Moon Festival” 2010 album release, along side known Thai producer & Dj, Tripical.

Cosmic Tone’s 6th studio album- “Uniting Force” is expected to be released in 2011.

Cosmic Tone unpresidented sound production abilities and supreme digital mastering results has lead him to run a succesful digital mastering studio which takes care of a large range of products from various fields of music.